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Thread: We owe RSR a debt of gratitude...

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    Default We owe RSR a debt of gratitude...

    Our visit with the face of red gave us some things to think about.

    It was a great introduction into the current strategy and training of their ground forces.

    One could wish for a more sophisticated example of red face strategy, but you work with what the opponent gives you.

    It does raise several problems, to my mind.

    They are always going to say if you support the troops, you have to support the war. It's an easy sound bite that appeals straight to the brain stem. Because it's primitive territorialism at it's most explicit, there's no non-emotional response that can rebut it.

    It makes me understand better how people might have come to blame and mistreat vietnam vets. I've been studying this question for a while now.

    (altho, I am not convinced that viet vets were actually msitreated - when I study it objectively, I can't find the evidence that supports the claim that there was a universal mistreatment.)

    So, we have to come up with an answer to "support the troops = support the war".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill

    They are always going to say if you support the troops,
    you have to support the war.
    That's a hollow pro-war argument that the majority of
    Americans have gotten wise to. Only a small minority
    of wingnuts still believe Bush's bullshit.

    If you're in favor of Bush's war, it means you want
    to see more of this:

    and this:

    and this:

    If you're AGAINST Bush's war,
    it means you want to see this:

    As a veteran and a taxpayer, I don't feel guilty at all
    about hating Bush's war and wanting our troops home.

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    By the way, did we find out if Mr. Red State is of military age?

    If so -- and if he truly believes in Bush's war -- he should prove it
    by enlisting immediately and volunteering for combat duty in Iraq.

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    Bill - I can tell you that there were two "type groups" that existed when coming home from VietNam - very similar to the vets from Iraq actually that Ive talked to
    1st is the vet that comes home and gets active in the antiwar movement - of which there are a good percentage and were back in the Vietnam era - they seem to have no problems adjusting back into society and get a good support group built in
    2nd are the ones that come home (primarily to small towns like the one I live in) that are greeted by a few well-wishers(of course these are mostly Natl Guard) and about a week later are back to their old jobs working at the local parts store etc - and harboring a lot of resentment - but without the resentment that was present back in the 60s

    A third group that exists but is kinda hidden just as it was in the larger cities - I always use DC as an example since thats where I spent my "formative years" - there is a large group of anti-everythings that hate war, soldiers and just about anything you put out there - and it was very noticable in the college age crowd in DC during Vietnam - and is today as well - a true hatred of anyone that supports the war or wears a uniform - the women in bars actually will turn the other way and ignore a military man - and there is a silent aggressiveness against anyone that has "marine-type" haircuts - just as it was in the 60s

    Dont know if that helps - but theres the real - whats happening that Ive personally witnessed

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