1. In his latest "major address" Thursday at the National Archives, Obama spoke for what seemed like half a day---he talks way too much, he is the most boring president I've ever suffered thru.

2. He performs a "major address" about every half hour, especially if Idol is on, which is strange cuz each one lasts forever.

3. The purpose of this speech was to answer the objections raised by the leaders of his own party about what exactly to do with the 200 or so still there detainees after he closes the Cuban Club Med. Exactly where will he put em, when, how?

4. In his introduction, which seemed to last an hour, Obama talked about his personal intimacy with the Constitution---he's studied it, he's taught it, he's been a lawmaker under it---he's READ it.

5. And he's lived it, his autobiography, his Kenyan father. Kind of implying that his rise-from-nowhere-to-the-top-story qualifies him as more sensitive to the real meaning of our founding documents than other folk actually born here.

6. And in the depths of his soul, he told us, the fiber of his being, he feels without a shred of doubt that the detention of non-uniformed combatants violates the very spirit of the Bill of Rights, the Articles, the Declaration.

7. He's making a bid, long and boring, for us all essentially simply to Trust Him and his fine, humanitarian instincts.

8. He then launched into the seemingly endless body of his peroration. Which sought to blame the Bush administration for creating this problem that he's here now to solve. Reference after mention after allusion to the goings-on of the last 8 years---if he held 1/10 of the animus against America's enemies he exhibits versus the Bushies, we'd all be a lot safer. And terrorists worldwide would have lots more to worry about.

9. Philosophical comparisons between his thinking today versus that of the grownups in the previous White House---it all comes down to poetry.

10. All of which we've heard a hundred times. His purpose was supposedly to answer Dick Durbin---when? where? how?

11. What an unbelievably inept politician we're watching, here.

12. Finally, in conclusion, Obama gets down, specific. He's gonna explain to us just precisely what he intends to DO.

13. Five categories of villains. A different plan for each. Individual reviews of each detainee. His "specifics," however are platitudes. He's gonna move them, but those who shouldn't be moved will never be brought to the US. Our American courts are fully qualified to handle these Miranda Rights deprived (despite what happened to Nicole Brown Simpson). And military tribunals will deal with Category 2. His specifics, his answers, are all and nothing. He said nothing.

14. He's trying to go over the heads of the Senators in his own party by boring into submission an audience fast fed up with his philosophy and life story. Let alone how Daniel Inouye and David Obey are gonna take all this.

15. Beyond campaign rhetoric, Obama has no cards to play.

16. He apparently feels his presence alone, his credibility, his CHIN are enough to answer the real concerns---when, where, how?---of 90 senators who voted down his request for 80 million to close Gitmo.

17. When he finally shut up, Dick Cheney immediately came on TV addressing the American Enterprise Institute. He rebutted Bigears platitudes and empty mouthings with a documentation of the methods employed by the Bushies which prevented an attack on the US between 2002 and today. The contrast between someone who knows what he's talking about and Obama could not have been more brightly colored. The hardball reality of the Cheney approach could not have stood in sharper distinction from the cloud-headed ruminations of this arrogant president who feels he can answer specific concerns with his poetry and his CHIN.

18. By day's end, rumblings from the Senate indicated no movement, the 90 are still 90 and not satisfied.

19. CSPAN will run both speeches, back to back, in their entirety Sunday. Watch them. You'll see the difference, essentially, between questions and answers.

20. Another political disaster for the president, another really bad day.

The Prof