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Thread: West Virginia's "Highway to nowhere"

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    Default West Virginia's "Highway to nowhere"

    I just saw a story on CNN's Campbell Brown, No Bias, No Bull about West Virginia's "Corridor H". A "Stimulus" project.

    They're getting $21 million in Stimulus money and $9 million in an earmark to do a little more work on this 4 lane highway, that has no traffic. Work was started in 1965 on a bunch of unconnected sections that only connect a few towns, with dead ends everywhere. Over a billion dollars has gone into the project; and they expect to put a billion more in before it's projected finsh date - 25 years from now.

    The CNN crew took a drive on this big four-lane highway; and was the only vehicle on the road as far as the eye could see, at rush hour. It was supposed to be an economic boom to West Virginia when Byrd pushed for the money for it back in 1965. And they don't even know how it will benefit the state even when it's finally completed - in 2034.

    SIXTY-NINE YEARS to build a multi-billion dollar highway, in a state with a small population, that nobody uses. That's part of where this emergency stimulus money is going.

    I wonder how many hundreds or thousands of projects there are out there, just like this one, getting "Stimulus" money.

    Everybody should watch Campbell Brown's show on CNN. Each day she investigates a different pork project.
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