Well let's see. 1st is Lyndon Johnson. He & JFK didn't like one another. JFK included him on the ticket to win Texas but by his 2nd term he wasn't going to need Johnson for that & he was going to bounce him. Johnson didn't like that & neither did Hoover. So JFK is killed, Johnson gets to be president & the Vietnam war esculates (JFK was going to get outa there), so everyone won as far as Hoover, Johnson & the military industrial complex was concerned. Now, as far as RFK goes, Nixon benefited the most. For after 8 years of JFK it's pretty certain that RFK would have been elected & can you imagine what Hoover was saying, " 8 years of 1 catholic is bad enough but another 8 after that, what next , a Jew, & then what , a woman or a black, oh no, this has to end now."