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Thread: What Sarah Palin is really saying - It's Okay to Kill Obama and supporters

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    Default What Sarah Palin is really saying - It's Okay to Kill Obama and supporters

    Some language analyst says this is the subtext of her attacks on Obama - that he is a terrorist, and that it would be okay to kill him or people who support him.

    Maybe this is why all those far-right wingnuts are pulling off crazy schemes and desperate hoaxes and late-night spray paintings?

    The crux of the issue is simple:

    (1) Sarah Palin has unequivocally associated Barack Obama with the idea of terrorism and specifically with "terrorists".

    (2) Republican President George Bush has defined in our National Security Strategy, and the Republican Party's platform affirms, that we may identify and strike at terrorists before they have committed any defined acts of aggression against American citizens.

    (3) George Bush has made clear, by stating before a joint session of Congress that "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists."

    (4) Palin has used deliberate choice of language to avoid these connections being highlighted by the media, while increasing the likelihood that the target audience for her message will be incited by her statements.

    Through these arguments, it becomes clear that Sarah Palin's assertions are designed not to prove that Obama is unqualified for the office of the Presidency of the United States. Rather, she appears to be attempting to convince a substantial portion of her supporters that Obama supports terrorism against the United States and thus should be, at the very least, incarcerated as an enemy combatant (which we are doing to American citizens already) or at worst, assassinated for supporting terror. She has done this knowing full well that she can retain plausible deniability thanks to the ambiguity of her statements as they'll be interpreted by the media, by her detractors, and by her more reasonable supporters.

    I believe the vast majority of supporters of the campaign of John McCain are honorable, honest, well-intentioned and sincere Americans who want what's best for this country. And I believe that all of us, regardless of party affiliation or political support, deserve better than someone who cynically twists language to inflame and incite the very worst elements of our culture. That's why it's important to point out the danger of these actions.

    Sarah Palin's conduct has gone far past the bounds of decency, and far past even the most dangerous efforts of any previous candidate for such high office. This is an inexcusable, unforgivable, and unacceptable transgression and my belief is that she should be removed from consideration for the office of Vice President for her dangerous, unethical and unamerican display of irresponsibility.

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    But when you say it with a pretty face it all becomes nice. right?

    I am reminded of this folk singer singing this sweet song,
    but the lyrics were her telling her current boyfriend to go kill her ex-boyfriend.

    Sometimes you have to pay attention to the lyrics,
    even when the melody is beguiling sweet.

    Velvet glove, crushing iron fist.
    don't be fooled.

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