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Thread: OMFG, did you guys see the new FOX news comedy show Red Eye

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    Default OMFG, did you guys see the new FOX news comedy show Red Eye

    I have never seen anything quite so bad on television before.

    The funniest thing on the show was this old lady calling in at the end to say how much she liked Rudy Guiliani.

    It was funny because she sounded like she was in her seventies - which I imagined was the demographic for the whole show.

    That unintentional ironic comedy was the only thing that made me laugh in all of the show that I watched.

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    Paul Revere


    Missed it, hopefully it wasn't my mom (ha-ha). Bill or others do we think much greatness will occur under whomever is in office in '08. I am not optimistic as to any of these candidates. It seems like the divided we fall syndrome is really pervasive these days. How do we get a meeting of the minds. We can probably look back 5-10 yrs. from now and declare these were the good ole days (oh happy day).

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    I caught a few minutes of was like watching a trainwreck.

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    Ya know,scientist's studyed the brain wave/activity levels...while test subjects were watching T.V.,and while asleep.They found that 100% of those tested...used/had twice as much brain activity while asleep,than while watching T.V...Hmmm,I wonder if that included the SUPERBOWL?,,,Naw...ex

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