It in the UK, I'm sure such things don't happen in the US.

Defense desk jockey gets about $400,000 for hurting his back lifting a printer. Actual soldier gets $114 for getting leg and hand blown off, plus getting an infection from "infected blood from poorly-screened American donors".

Must have been a deadly dangerous terrorist printer. And a heck of a hurt back.

A ministry of Defence civil servant who developed back problems after lifting a printer has been paid an astonishing £202,000 compensation.

In contrast, soldier Jamie Cooper, 19, who lost the use of a leg and a hand in a mortar attack in Basra, has only received a lump sum of £57,000.

The disparity in compensation payouts is the latest indication that troops who risk their lives in wars for Britain are not being treated fairly.

Shadow defence secretary Liam Fox said some payments made to injured veterans were "completely heartless".

Private Cooper, of the Royal Green Jackets, suffered his horrific injuries in Iraq in November 2006, and recently discovered he had received potentially infected blood from poorly-screened American donors in the aftermath.

His father Philip, from Bristol, said he was amazed in the difference in compensation offered to MoD office workers and soldiers.

Mr Cooper said: "It's laughable really, isn't it?

"You've got guys out there on the front line risking their lives and getting horribly wounded and then you've got faceless bureaucrats getting far more for straining their back lifting a printer.