Mark,Cheap authentic jerseys, excellent play in China's sports newspaper "football special attention, which of course would like to thank today's powerful network era has brought convenience to know that the" loyalty "in the Netherlands but the Netherlands domestic the largest-selling newspaper ah, and the Eredivisie league can be considered in addition to five league, senior league, and concerns are one of the Ajax team most world's most famous natural cited concern about this less than odd, but the game marks the video was a careful Dutch students and to the web.
The editorial department of the "football".
The editor is directed at men furious for a few months, the sales did not improve pretty soon, "sports" pressure suppressed the.
However, several reporters have been accused of grievance, the Chinese soccer something to keep fans of concern? Unprecedented in the 2002 World Cup, the Chinese team entered the finals, so the Chinese football market once again had a fiery, and the performance of the Chinese team in the World Cup is simply appalling, Costa Rica and Turkey, and Brazil meal mad child not tried to go home a ball after the goal performances, in fact, the Chinese fans hope not, they just hope that the Chinese team to score a goal, but the Chinese team, such a desire for players to achieve. But now time has passed more than a year, the enthusiasm of the fans as the end of the World Cup while gradually cooling down, this is also the reporters there is no way things ah.
Although the grievance, but only in the mind to think about it, talk back to this time and make life difficult for their jobs.
Also depressed editor, he also knows that the newspaper now difficult, but sales is not good above directly to find him above not care what the audience likes what subject matter, this is your editor in chief of the things they look at results.
"Ding Dingding" This is the time the phone rings and was ready to curse more than a few of the editor picked up the phone, said: "I am a football newspaper editor, what? What? News reliable and good I'll look at that website you said I remember, thank you so much, next time you eat. "
Training people somehow look Yijingyizha editor, it is estimated that should be big news, or this damn old man will be so excited.
"You" landing site "VIP is VIP, was quickly restored calm, editor stressing each syllable in front of his men said:" According to reliable sources said yesterday the Dutch League Ajax club three to two victory over this season's black Maa the Erke Mull club, a Chinese players a pass for a shot to save Ajax, now this video is the foreign network crazy reproduced.
"Bang!" Editorial department, where three of heart disease hair fell to the ground ...
For these media workers, Nike Elite Jerseys,the most important is the news, but this message is undoubtedly the big news! Can imagine, when a "Chinese football genius to conquer the Netherlands for the front page of newspapers, the whole of China will shake ah.
However, as media people, of course these things need to confirm the media and bitch is no different, but the football genius things still need to make sure, if that player if the Korean or Japanese that joke big, that time is the anger of the fans is not "football" can afford.
The editor immediately contact an acquaintance in the Netherlands, and accurate verification call to the Ajax club indeed have the effect of a Chinese player in the Netherlands, and on a pass for a shot the hero is indeed a Chinese editor immediately sent Amsterdam to the Netherlands to prepare the matters of the contact interview.
Make Si without know what caused much stir in the country, he is now the club's training ground with hard training, due to the excellent play of the game Mark now has been put on red training suit on behalf of starter, but marks and for this purpose was surprised that he felt these things is as it should, and we have found that Mark's smile more than usual, this is because the mark in the morning dreaming space found that actually improve their own point of honor, not only to complete the task 20, and because they have gained after the game the best player system also presented his 20-point honor points, this is simply just like Jianqian the same so that Mark really excited.
Since the use of a "dream space" marks only know this place is simply "suck Gold Cave", the wrong should be called suction honor Cave, Mark training consumed every day the honor system does not publish a little task, Nfl jerseys wholesale,then Mark really do not know and other end of the season will be how to do, no first team game are basically rest on our laurels, now have a first team game marks before finally save the honor point is obvious, but the benefits of training in this "dream space" of Mark now feel every day has been improved.
Doubts about their own "space" within the mark to get a satisfactory answer, that is at their own pace, although it is double but it is not possible directly across twice more, which requires a cumulative process, but also means that marks can last hit double speed through their own efforts.
Mark found on the training ground, but after the last game, his value can be described as night soaring usual training off-site more than twice the fans watching, and are basically sexy Dutch girls ...
But Mark, after all, young fans support he is very excited, and often in the time of the confrontation are deliberately show off their strengths, speed and headed to show to the fans.
Coleman looked at the training ground Mark had wanted to mention the point he, since he had seen too many overnight success of the players and the talent of gifted fame and then lost in the outside the nightlife there, Nfl jerseys china,in training the pitch are not serious, the attitude of an I in the world, but the marks today the performance of the fundamental and past training simply makes no difference, even more of hard work, Coleman is also satisfied nod.

This training is one of the marks to the Netherlands to the most hard, as long as the ball, came the waves of girls screaming around, what is more, the end of the training, in accordance with the practice of fans can come with their favorite star photo signature, almost all the female fans are surrounded by Mark ...