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Thread: Al Gore is like Jim Jones, and we're drinking his Kool-Aid

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    Default Al Gore is like Jim Jones, and we're drinking his Kool-Aid

    Al Gore is like Jim Jones, and we're drinking his Kool-Aid
    Sunday, 11/18/07

    Professor Roger Gottlieb, a leading proponent of religious environmentalism, spoke at Vanderbilt University this past week. Gottlieb, the author of A Greener Faith, maintains that we are to be caretakers of our planet. I certainly agree.

    I'm a big fan of clean air and clean water. But this postmodernist environmental movement Gottlieb finds himself in the middle of bears little resemblance to its forerunner, the ecology movement of the 1960s. Back then, Captain Kangaroo simply told us to never throw trash out the window. Soot-belching factories and straight-pipe waste into rivers were put under the microscope. The government ultimately responded with the EPA, formed in 1970 and tasked with cleaning up the land, air and water that had been abused for so long.

    Now, schoolchildren scold their parents because they haven't traded in their incandescent lightbulbs for the depressing yellow light of compact fluorescent bulbs. Environmentalism, which used to simply include anyone concerned about pollution, somehow morphed into radical environmentalism. Gottlieb and others have taken up the banner of global warming under the guise of religious responsibility. Radical environmentalism has become a religion in and of itself. Its heaven is a utopia in which we all give up our modern conveniences and technological advancement for some austere, Amish-type lifestyle.

    Al Gore, the Jim Jones of this new religious cult, preaches doom and gloom from his pettifogger pulpit, all the while living the lifestyle of an energy hog. He actually uses twice the amount of electricity in one month at his Nashville home than the average household uses in an entire year. He has two homes in Tennessee, one in Virginia, at least. He flies all over the world on his Magical Hysteria Tour, sucking down resources and belching out tons of carbon, all to tell us we need to conserve. We're trying to make ends meet just to afford gas in our cars while Al Gore has a carbon footprint the size of Sasquatch. And no one seems to care.

    The Branch Algorians read from the Gospel of Al and never question a word. The movement's devil is carbon dioxide, an essential component of photosynthesis and the substance we all exhale with every breath. Understand this: CO2 is not a pollutant. However, Gore and the radical environmentalists have been quite successful in convincing people that smog and CO2 are the same. They are not. CO2 has nothing whatsoever to do with the smog or haze we see over our cities. There is absolutely no evidence that CO2 has anything to do with any kind of warming.

    The Gore Kool-Aid drinkers will point to "all these scientists" but can't give you one link between CO2 and any kind of climate change. As the founder of The Weather Channel, John Coleman, recently put it, global warming is the greatest scam in history.

    When Professor Gottlieb is not writing a guilt-trip treatise on the environment, he's writing about Marxism and how the Soviets just didn't quite get it right.

    You see, global warming is the perfect template for Marxism because it's the great equalizer. The wealthier a nation, the more CO2 it produces. To atone for its sins, it must pay carbon offsets. In other words, the producing nations pay the non-producing or under-producing nations in cash for the sin of emitting a harmless gas. It's beautiful.

    The global warming movement is a way to not just confiscate money and wealth from the producers, but because of their guilt, they gladly hand it over. If Karl Marx were still alive, he'd be beaming with pride.


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    LadyMod at


    IMO, it's no worse than the "Let's attack a sovereign country because they might have WMD's" Koolaide you swigged down by the gallons.

    Lady Mod

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    Global warming is a scam in order to propagate universal Marxism? I heard some crazy theories before but this one takes the cake. Do you agree with the premise laid out by the author of this article g17rg? Did you post this to stimulate discussion or is this something you believe?

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    This post gets my vote for the dumbest post you've ever made, radiosock.

    Yes, let's burn the fossil carbon faster, rather than switching to a electricity economy. It's not like it's going to run out, or anything.

    Oh wait - it is. And we're totally dependent on it, endangering american security a million times more than a few ragheads who can't even manufacture weapons.

    But no, you're scared shitless about medeival ragheads, because in your befuddled mind you fantasize that the the oil will last forever.

    Corporate kissass.

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    Burning all the fuel in site and taking over countries that controlled it worked great for the Soviet Union. Well, at least those in power made out like bandits

    No need to learn from our mistakes when you can keep people ignorant and program them to do as you wish

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    Yea that's right just like george w. bush and Jeffery Dahmer they both look normal tell you watch one eat and the other one talk.
    F$KKK the NSA,PNAC,democratic, and republican parties.

    support: CLG
    support: &
    "9/11 is the biggest f$kkk up in American history by the biggest f$KKk up in American history george w. bush"
    RNC=Really Not Cueer

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    Little Red Dog


    This is the kind of "article" that makes me glad for the Internets. Thank god a tree didn't haven't to die to print this laughable crap.

    Although, on the other hand, with the record high heating bills expected this winter.... hmmm.

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    Bitch boy bush is toast now the bitch slapping will commence to all his dimwitted followers that would be Miss. Fang and the Radio guy what did forest gump say stupid is what stupid supports bush.
    F$KKK the NSA,PNAC,democratic, and republican parties.

    support: CLG
    support: &
    "9/11 is the biggest f$kkk up in American history by the biggest f$KKk up in American history george w. bush"
    RNC=Really Not Cueer

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