A local news program did an investigative report based on evidence gotten
with a concealed camera. It happened in Gallatin. Sumner county.

The Sumner County shelter (?) which is nothing but a dog pound and disposal
facility, got nailed when it was found that they were euthanizing via an injection
directly to the heart. The lowlife vet who came to the pound to make $9.00
a pop was into a very lucrative gig. The documented proof of this heinous
act was indisputable.

A worker would hold the dogs up by the sides of the neck while Dr. Barber
plunged the needle into its heart "with the dog often wagging its tail."
The cats were handled with a catch pole, stick with noose on the end,
terrorized and murdered under conditions of pure panic and desperation.
Id love to have Dr. Barber on the receiving end of a catch pole...for starters.

The community has been outraged. At first one of the high up good ole
boys said they were using a vet......and your point is......?
By about the third day of rabid citizens, he reappeared and said the practice
would cease and they would start using an intervenous method and that
Dr. Barber would not be returning to the facility.

Yesterday there was a demonstration at the county facility. On one
report they said Dr. Barber was out of town.....Ill bet he was out of the
country.....Im serious. Needless to say his private practice will surely
be "toast".

People need to know what happens on the other side of the so called
shelter doors. They go in and get the animals off their hands and walk
out telling themselves what a good thing they have done and that the
"shelter" will find a good home. Yeah, right....a home in the county landfill.

Private shelters generally are better and actually provide a "shelter" for
abandoned animals....but things go on there that are not pretty either.

Always spay or neuter your pets.....since Bob Barkers not saying it, I will.