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Not having read much in this thread, I just have to break in here.

The Iraqis are stepping up to the plate. I posted a few threads on that. Between their stronger military role, to reconciliation moves, from the local to the national level.

And there now are approx. 500,000 troops, if you include all the coalition and Iraqi forces working together.

Things have changed much since Gates and Petraeus.
According to Gates & Patreaus that's true. Iraq still hasn't come up with a plan to share oil revenues among the Sunni, Shia & Kurds. If, as Gates & Patreaus claim that deaths are down, why aren't there more infrastructure improvements? Why aren't new businesses opening and the economy improving? People who can are still leaving Iraq in droves. Obviously people don't feel safe.

This administration has had 5 years to get it right in Iraq and it hasn't. It's time for Congress to admit that Bush/Cheney have failed and stop the funding.