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Thread: How do we win the war in Iraq?

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    Default How do we win the war in Iraq?

    That's the big question of the day. The generals have totally messed thing up, it's vietnam all over again, we just don't seem to have the willpower to win this war.

    What do we have to do to win? We need to produce some results.

    How about dividing the country into three parts and making the sunnis, the shiis, and the kurds each govern their own part?

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    Kinky Jones


    yes the generals are to blame for everything

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    Well, the President is always saying that he's listening to the men on the ground, isn't he? He's given them a job to do, it's their job to get it done.

    If the officers we have can't handle the job, they should retire so we can get people in there that can kick ass and take names.

    We've taught many countries how to fight guerilla irregulars around the world, we've trained armies around the world. We have to be able to apply that knowledge in Iraq.

    If the officers in charge are dragging their feet, something should be done.

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    Kinky Jones


    i guess some people still believe anything that comes outta dubya's mouth

    seriously though the only two options that would seem to work and leave the Iraqi people with a decent place to live is to either keep doing what we are doing and be there for awhile until they can defend themselves or we can double our troops and get the job done in a timely matter which will cost too much money so let's just stay the course

    of course if we left right away none of the "terrorists", "insurgents", and "extremists" would have anybody to fight

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    whats with training the Iraqi troops

    they have been saying we are training the Iraqis for years now

    if an americian kid joins up he gets 8 weeks of boot camp and anther 4 weeks of specizled training and then hes dumped in to combat

    why is it taking so long to train the iraqis ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill
    If the officers we have can't handle the job, they should retire so we can get people in there that can kick ass and take names.
    Yes def the quality of leadership of those replacing the retirees is an improvement..after all they have been raised on "Call to Duty" and "Command and Conquer" and well we all know that true leadership is found in a PS2.

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    It takes time. People often forget after WWII the U.S. had occupied Germany / Japan for numerous years after the close of the war. In Germany what was left of the SS didn't give up and they had an organization called Werewolf, that did pull off some terrorism against the new government / occupying forces. In Japan we were there somewhere like 10 years after the war closed.

    The problem with Iraq, is the fact we're not just fighting Iraqis and it's not just a civil war going on. The U.S. should try and secure the borders especially against Syria, Iran, etc.

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    I think the real problem started in Falluja, when they burned our men and hung them up on a bridge for the world to see.

    And we did nothing.

    Now, the Iraqis are more afraid of each other than they are of us.

    We should have turned falluja into a smoking crater. These people are tribal savages who only understand one thing - the fear of punishment.

    That's why Saddam was so successful - he understood his people, and they feared him.

    The Iraqis have to fear democracy, before they will behave democratically and reach freedom.

    This is a well known principle of fighting insurgency - there are only two ways to win against an insurgency. Fear, and effective modern policing. (which is another form of fear, because effective police work allows us to identify the members of the insurgency, and arrest them and their families).

    The police of Iraq are all corrupt, and secretly part of the militias.

    So, that leaves us with only fear to work with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill
    How about dividing the country into three parts and making the sunnis, the shiis, and the kurds each govern their own part?
    The British created Iraq when they defated the Turks way back when. Unfortunately, they didn't think about this. Now you can't really do it because you also have to split the oil.

    Then of course after killing 40,000 to 100,000+ Iraqis you have new generations of people that hate you.

    Not only would we have 3 separate countries fighting over the oil money but now you'd have 3 separate governments that want to support terrorists acts against you.

    You ask a great question, unfortunately the question should have been answered years ago before we went into Iraq. Kicking ass and taking more names will only kill more people. How will that help install a pro-USA government?

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    It will only kill people who are against Iraqi freedom and democracy, and their supporters.

    Which means it will only kill islamofascists and terrorists.

    The middle easterners are all "tribes with flags" - they like and respect power and toughness. Look at how all their countries are ruled - by strongmen with powerful secret police forces.

    That's how they like to live.

    We have to show them we are the strongest of all the strongmen - then they will respect our troops and settle down to rebuilding their economy and employing all their young men in rebuilding their infrastructure.

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