Pretty freaky title, but it's not of my creation, which is a good thing because I can't get to depth and breadth of substanciating factual data as was researched by this author...a great beginning, but so broad that it needs more work to make the gun smoke...but there is enough to make a 94% pure hydrogen bomb not only the tool of choice for bringing down the towers, but by default, the only means available that fit all the evidence. (not something that can be done with a box-knife...even with a bomb rubed up in a cave)

This explains those pesky welded vehicle doors, the vaporized 3000 bodies, and most glaringly, of the 3 million plus tons of building material it took to build the towers, only 1. something of rubble was removed...the two missing millions of tons of materials moved through the streets as a polyplasmic event only seen on earth from volcanic erruptions, atomic bombs, and that time I accidently set the can of kerosine alight in the garage.

There are a multitude of sites linked to this page, with photos, graphs, spectrographic analyses, other hydrogen "terrorist" (IRA this time) and the history of 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th generation of micro weapons as small as 1 kilo blast from a hydrogen bomb.

Here is a photo that shows very clearly how the support beams were cut off with Thermate (as chemical analysis proved)...note they are all cut at the same height..the newly cut metal reflecting sunlight...that kerosine is realy miraculous stuff.

osha3189_img_2a.jpg, image/jpeg, 640x422

I hope this link works...if I can't link (after I've sent it) I'll send the photo whole.