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Thread: Should Cory Maye be on death row?

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    Default Should Cory Maye be on death row?

    Okay, here's the backstory.

    It's Mississippi, day after christmas 2001. Local cops smash down the wrong door, burst into the wrong apartment, searching for a grass dealer. Guy inside (Cory Maye) has retreated to his 14 month old daughters bedroom, and when the cops burst in, in the dark, he fires 3 shots, which kills the first cop in the room.

    Cory Maye says cops never identified themselves, all he knew was strangers were smashing into his home. Says he shot in fear at a dark, yelling shape. Cops say they identified themselves, and that Maye should have known it was police officers.

    Shape, it turns out, is the son of the local sherrif.

    Maye is black. Police officer is white. They find some marijuana ashes in the apartment, but all the evidence is that Cory Maye, who has never been arrested before, has never been a dope dealer. Naturally, Cory Maye is sentenced to death.

    What's your opinion?

    Do you think the police identified themselves?

    Do you think Mayes had the right to fire if they didn't identify themselves?

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    Since I happen to live in Miss. this story has had a lot more meaning to me over the last 2 years - and I can tell you that this is not an isolated incident - as a matter of fact the mayor of Jackson is being sued right now because of these types of raids (and yes he is black) - he is especially close to this as he actually leads these types of raids into low income housing units where he thinks there may be drugs - with no proof - and scares the shit out of all the residents - Im surprised he hasnt been shot although he also wears a flak jacket and army helmet when leading the raids.
    Of course Im really pissed because he also conducted these weapons drawn raids on all the strip clubs in Jackson reminiscent of the old prohibition type raids breaking everything int he building on their way in and destroying all the liquor bottles

    This case you cite is one that although I totally agree the guy was innocent of capital murder and had lousy representation - he will be put to death because the idiot governor wont stop it - he never does pardon anyone no matter what.
    I also would have investigated the avenue of why in heck the other cops in the raid, if this guy was standing up like they said, didnt shoot back - doesnt make any sense - but knowing the police forces around here - I know exactly how the evidence got into the trial

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    stefan segal

    Default This is a horrific misscarriage of "justice"

    Is there a way to get documentation of this case to send to watchdog groups? This is in flagrant violation of citizen rights... say nothing of protecting one's own children, hearth and home.

    I know nothing of this case and maybe those that should don't either...this man can't be allowed to be murdered in a civilized country.

    Secondly, it seems like these strikes against the population and businesses have the taint of a protection racket...I'd bet there is a widows and orphans' fund somewhere awaiting discovery.

    Unless back there in ole Miss a black man is still only 2/5ths of a vote, it doesn't make sense that a Black official would prey on Blacks (I'm old..maybe I should have said harm intended).

    What really suprises me is that they found only ashes of guage...any self respecting home invading member of the law, like boyscouts, always comes prepared with a throw down Saturday night special, a baggy full of weed, and a couple of rocks of crack...just in the interest of easing the perp's entrance into the penal system at the least possible cost to the county courts.


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