I don't know about the rest of you, but I would like to know what REALLY caused the mess in the Gulf, but for some reason, Republicans don't think the American people should know the facts.

Funny thing about people having to give testamony under oath. . . it seems the only people Republicans think should have to do it are Democrats and average Americans. They refused to allow Bush or Cheney to be sworn when being questioned by Congress. Now they refuse to let Congress require BP employees to be held accountable for what they say before Congress. Hell, they refuse to give Congress the right to force them to come and testify. That leaves me to question what they know that they don't want the American people to know. Who are they protecting.

I just hope that if Republicans get control of Congress that they are just as against subpoenas then as they are now. But, with them frothing at the mouth anticipating all the investigations they can start with no cause for action against Obama, I would say their attitude about Congress' subpoena power will change radically from what they support concerning BP.

Just once I would like to see conservatives set the rules and live by them for more than two minutes. But, they scream flipflop about everyone else. What idiots.

The only ones more stupid than Republicans are the conservatives that keep putting them in office.