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Thread: Transfer payments coming for government imposed skyrocketing energy costs

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    Default Transfer payments coming for government imposed skyrocketing energy costs

    If the massive new bill stalls from its own complexity, Sen. Harry Reid says he’ll pursue a simpler-but-still-costly backup plan: Dictating that an ever-increasing portion of electric power must be generated from sources other than fossil fuels—a so-called RES “renewable energy standard” which by itself could cost a million jobs as well as higher electric bills averaging $2,400 a year for a typical family.

    Just like the Kerry-Lieberman bill, the RES would force higher bills on unwilling and skeptical Americans.


    But according to handouts from Kerry and Lieberman, “roughly two-thirds of the revenues generated by the new law would be passed back to consumers through energy bill discounts or direct rebates”. That sounds like a store that jacks up prices then offers a “discount” that still leaves a 33% price hike.

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    I think there are 28 states already with mandatory legislation out there. There are different programs set up through the USDA and other giving goverment match up to $90/ton for low btu renewable sources. It is the ultimate fuck the consumer in the ass program..
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