The Real Problem with the economy that nobody is talking about

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When you look past all the Washington BS of tax cuts and budget cuts etc etc. and try to figure out why doesn't John Smith have a job

The first punch in this knockout of the middle class comes from. A good percentage of the middle class jobs have gone to china and india leaving a smaller pot of Jobs for John

The second punch is automation, Although machines doing work has always been a problem for labor since the dawn of the industrial age the internet has taking it to a new level ... Once again leaving a lot less jobs for John Smith

The final knock out punch for John Smith has been illegal immigration. A good percentage of Jobs are being worked by Illegal immigrants. Yes at one time they did the jobs we didn't want to.... but that's not true anymore. Look around they are doing skilled labor jobs like carpentry, Mason work and roofing. Those jobs were once the bread and butter of the middle class

I think the middle class could have survived any one of those punches even two of them.
but three combined have been devastating

You guys can sit around and talk about tax cuts and Pell grants but nothing either party has said will solve the real problems
Both parties Republicans and Democrats dug the grave for the middle class


  1. Dr. Lovebone's Avatar
    If the Govt controlled Crony Capitalism would step out of the way and let new technologies like Alternative power take hold, that would be the equalizer, but because Govt protects big Oil, they will not let these businesses bring back our economy, instead they have opted to sell products abroad and abandoned the US of A.

    Its criminal, and its bi partisan.
  2. BC's Avatar
    Yep, that is a huge problem, & one that continues to grow as neither side wants to really do something about it, especially during an election.....

    Both sides are pandering~"I will be soft on illegals"..........

    While many of all political stripes deny there is a problem, simple supply & demand would seem to make it quite clear & undeniable...

    Part of the problem is what is illegal is no longer well defined.... Your parents brought you here (illegally) so your cool......

    & what is legal?? You have a fourth cousin from the same village & that means your family can be reunited HERE, not there. You can come here & you don't even need a job, you can qualify for a welfare system you have never contributed to, & in many cases, never will........

  3. cheapseats's Avatar
    @Slick: Everything that follows "If Govt-controlled Crony Capitalism would step out of the way" is PIPE DREAM.

    Second of all, unless it is an orderly passing of the baton, NO ONE gives up power=money without a fight. It will not STEP ASIDE. It will not. It must be SHOVED/COMPELLED?FORCED aside, or it ain't budging. Why WOULD it, when it has the power/money to PREVENT that?

    First of all, Crony Capitalism controls Government, not the other way around.