View Full Version : Are we now seeing the real Bush, the born-again Bush, THE CRAZY BUSH!!!!!

04-13-2007, 11:15 AM
I know for many of you this is a given but to those who have their doubts: Ever since the November elections Bush has been behaving like its 9/12/01, the GOP controls congress & he has the american people in the palm of his hands. It's like he's thinking," if I just keep wishing it to be true it will be." Now I ask you, is this the thinking of a sane man? I can just picture him now, standing in the Oval office, with a handful of 4 leaf clover in one hand, his lucky rabbit foot in another & wearing the shoes Dorothy wore in the Wizard of Oz, clicking them together, wishing everything was the way it was 9/12/01.

stefan segal
04-13-2007, 12:49 PM
Don't be lulled into thinking butch is crazy...the man is a psychopath who doea wqhat psychopaths do...consistantly fuck over the most people as possible for the biggest profit on the board.

If the man was a moron (for which I believe he tested positive), then the law of averages would apply and he would choose half good and half bad...this is not the case (see poatriot act I & II )...the man is reading (or most likely being read to )off a play-book supplied by an unholy allianence between neo-cons and the war suplier complex (carlylse and their ilk)...with big thieves like halliburtan, brown & root (subsidary)and slicked up by all the psychopaths manning (snd women) the butch administration.

This is a most dangerous sub-normal person who just qualifiies as human....albeit a human sick fuck. His finger is on the button. (for you youngsters...thats the button that nuckes the world...you might see it as the "football" that follows butch when he's reading goat stories to his peers.)

To laugh at him and call him an asshole, is to lower your guard...that is what makes him the perfect frontman for the sinister group who pull his strings and speak for him.

His father, who I am sure knows this...must feel a twinge of regret to watch his son get all serious while giveing a televised speach...trying so hard to look hard and presidential, when he knows his spawn is to be fed to appease the mob who will be blunted in their ardor after ripping that butch piece of shit's arms off and dragging the body. mousilinni style through the streets before haning up on a light pole for display...but then again, psychopaths don't feel compassion or love...maybe bush senior will be too occupied with worrying about how his son's blackmark will play out on his historic legacy.

From the scuttlebutt that flies around, butch throws tantrums...I assume he has people in place who filter a lot of what he rants about doing and saying...the man must be managed...but on the other hand, he is ultimately useful, as butch's truth is in the most realistic terms (meaning he FEELS it to be true), is the lie which best forewards his aims...this is the hallmark of a great politician...if by the term you mean a face for the public (Not...someone like Wellstone...who actually was a great politician).


04-13-2007, 08:23 PM
Until Cheney finds those three nukes he lost back when he was secy of defense (although it looks like Korea exploded one of them based on it being a H2 and not an atomic bomb which they dont have capabilities for) he will run everything from his office no matter who is the figure head - he was positive that Saddam had at least one of them - boy was he wrong - now all he has to do is figure out which country the other two are in so he can go get them