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03-14-2007, 05:43 PM
I've said it before, I'll say it again - we are in Iraq to take their oil. We are not going to leave. We've built 4 giant multi-billion dollar bases, the biggest and most modern military bases in the world. We are staying there untill the oil runs out.

After the oil law is signed, we will pull back into our bases. As long as the Iraqis don't try to change the oil law, we will leave them alone, to burn in the hell we've created. If they try to use their "democracy" to rewrite the oil law, we will "liberate" them again.

This was never about al qaeda, or islamists, or democracy - it was always, only, and forever about the last undeveloped sweet light crude megafields left on this planet.

This Rolling Stone article doesn't have the balls to tell us this geopolitical realpolitik truth, but it still is an interesting read.


Beyond Quagmire
A panel of experts convened by Rolling Stone agree that the war in Iraq is lost. The only question now is: How bad will the coming explosion be?


Zbigniew Brzezinski: If we are willing to engage with all of Iraq's neighbors -- including Iran -- in a regional effort to contain the violence, the best we can hope for is an Iraq that is politically passive but hostile toward America.

Gen. Tony McPeak: It's not a question of whether we're going to leave Iraq -- it's a question of when. And everybody in Iraq knows that. So they say, "Fine. We'll stock arms and wait for you guys to leave. And then we'll do what we want."

But the administration has repeatedly highlighted the potential for chaos in Iraq after our departure as a reason we must stay and fight.

Richard Clarke: All the things they say will happen are already happening. Iraq is already a base for terrorists; there is already a civil war. We've got 150,000 troops there now and we can't stop it.

Nir Rosen: There is no best-case scenario for Iraq. It's complete anarchy now. No family is untouched by kidnappings, murders, ethnic cleansing -- everybody lives in a constant state of terror. Leaving aside Kurdistan, which is very different, there's nobody in Iraq who is safe. You can get killed for being a Sunni, for being a Shia, for being educated, for being part of the former regime, for being part of the current regime. The Americans are still killing Iraqi civilians left and right. There's no government in Iraq; it doesn't exist outside of the Green Zone. That's not only the government's fault, that's our fault: We deliberately created a weak government so that we would have final authority over everything in Iraq.

Michael Scheuer: Even in the best-case scenario, the disaster we're seeing now is nothing compared to the disaster that we'll see after we leave. The real issue here is American interest: The longer we stay, the more people we get killed. I don't think the longer we stay, the better we make Iraq. Probably the reverse."

Mr. Blue
03-14-2007, 09:58 PM
This was never about al qaeda, or islamists, or democracy - it was always, only, and forever about the last undeveloped sweet light crude megafields left on this planet.

Why yes, yes it is, and I wonder if a President said, "Look do you want cheap oil? If the answer is yes, we're going to go into Iraq, take control, drain that puppy dry...who's with me?"

Considering how mambi-pambi people are when it comes to paying a little more per gallon...I wonder if they'd back this war? It'd be an interesting experiment to see the reaction of Americans to blunt honesty.