View Full Version : some of the many reasons 9/11 was a GOP job

03-13-2007, 01:02 PM
9/11 just happened to be on the day NYC was holding its mayoral primary gee, what a coincidence. A democrat was obviously going to follow Rudy and it looked as if Mark Green, a VERY liberal democrat was going to win a contentious democratic primary. The GOP loved the fact that a republican was mayor of NYC even though he was a RINO, they couldn't stand the idea of a democrat, especially a very liberal democrat like Mark Green , being mayor.Thus, after Rudy got all the press after 9/11, NYC was duped into electing another RINO in Bloomberg. Also 9/11 was the GOP response to America for keeping Clinton in office for 8 years. It was their attempt to turn back the gains made during Clinton's 8 years. Also, 9/11 was the GOP's way of punishing NYC for electing Hillary to the senate, for without NYC, Hillary wouldn't had been elected. The GOP hates the Clitons. They can't stand anything they represent. It's a sickness with them. There's more, but for now that's all.