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stefan segal
03-03-2007, 11:36 PM

100 Year Old Man Kicks Teenage Gang's Ass with 'Kung Fu'
A 100 year old British man told on Wednesday how he fought off a gang of teenage muggers using "kung fu".

After a night at the pub, Buster Martin began to head home. On his way home Buster Martin showed that, even at 100, he still knew how to handle himself when he was confronted by the teenagers after a night at the pub.

Whether it was the alcohol or nerves of steel, the World War II veteran (Buster joined the Grenadiers during WWII and fought in Burma, Belgium and France) scared his three attackers so much they fled empty-handed.

Mr Martin was interviewed by police yesterday about the incident in Denmark Hill, South London, last Thursday night.

Mr Martin, a car washer-cum-mechanic for a plumbing firm, said: 'They just came at me and pushed me against a wall and tried to take my money from me.

'Then they pushed me on the floor and I went mad. I was lashing out on the floor and then I stood up and was kicking them all.

'I pushed one and kung fu kicked the other one between the legs and he let out a scream. They ran off scared after I did that and I still had all my money.'

'The foot I used had been operated on a week before for an in-growing toenail. They must have done a good job on it because it worked bloody well.'

'They thought I was an easy target but they didn't realise what a fighter I can be. I've been fighting all my life ever since I was a kid,' he added.