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Bronze soldier
02-23-2007, 06:48 AM
Here already two months, since the world with an alarm discusses outrageous intention of Estonian guidance to take away a monument to Soldier-liberator from downtown in Tallin . In fact the graves of warriors were honoured at all times. Memory about them appropriately became memory of people.
But age-old traditions, apparently, are unknown to present newly-baked politicians. The proof was in this utterance: “Soviet troops who fought against fascists are a gang of bandits ”

That's how the present president of Estonia in his interview on BBC took the liberty to estimate historical events, related releasing Estonia from fascist invaders in 1944. We don' t consider these words as a simply trick of irresponsible politician, who doesnt know history, but we consider this as a provocation, as an attempt to embroil nations and desecrate memory about heroes.

Is there a need to be surprissed after such words and such estimations of a great mission of those people, who risked their lives to release Europe from a fascism, that today happy and prosperous Europeans put on again SS uniform and march on the streets of the Estonian cities?

And why does the public still remain silent?
Why is nobody from the politicians indignant on provocative speeches of president of Estonia?
Why are Jewish organizations not indignant that ideology of fascism is openly popularized in Estonia?
Why are the MASS-MEDIA quiet?

When will the measures on permission of this be accepted, because conflict is passing already to the international level?

We sent many letters with information about glorification of fascism in Estonia, encouraged at state level, but we did not recieeved any reaction!

Dear ladies and gentlemen! If events, what be going on now in the world, are not indifferent you, help to remind how fascism is terrible to reporters and members of parliament, who started to forget it!
All information about fascism propaganda in Estonia you can find on a site

02-23-2007, 06:25 PM
The mass-media is quiet because the only one of them that even knows where Estonia is would be the BBC - American journalists have a hard enough time finding their own cities let alone another country