View Full Version : US bluster with Iran is a cowardly act, nothing more

02-19-2007, 10:00 AM
The Isreali/neocon inspired American bluster at Iran over supposed Iranian support for Iraq is just another example of the cowardice and deceit of the US foreign policy. Suggesting that supposed Iranian mortars are a reason to attack them demonstrates that cowardice and American duplicity to all the world.

America supplied Bin Laden and the Taliban with all manner of weapons and training during their fight with the Soviets in Afghanistan. Would the Soviets have been justified in attacking America because of our interference in that struggle?

If it were the Russians who were supplying Iraqi fighters with mortars and military weapons .. would the the Bush Administration or anybody else be suggesting that we attack Russia?

The Chinese supplied the NVA with weapons during the Vietnam War. Did anyone suggest with any sincerity that we attack China?

During the Iraq/Iran war, we supplied Saddam with chemical and biological weapons to use on the Iranians, which was in misguided US "interests". Should the Iranians not be allowed to defend their interests?

Did the Bush Administration attack a more dangerous North Korea .. who had the ability to inflict serious damage to US interests FAR more than Saddam? Attacking Saddam and not the North Koreans was another example of the cowardice that passes as US foreign policy.

The reason that the Bush Administration is even talking about attacking Iran is because the Israelis wish it so and Iran is a much easier target than Russia or China, who we would not even think of attacking .. thus it is a cowardly act that demonstrates that US foreign policy loves to bluster and act aggresively with smaller and/or defenseless nations, has a double-standard filled with American "exceptionalism", and is filled with acts of cowardice .. from BOTH political parties.

02-19-2007, 02:22 PM
Cowardly, yes.

I still hope Bush does it, because it will drive a stake thru the heart of Bushite/Neocon/Christian imperial ambitions.

And a shot to the head of the republican party.

Go, Bush, Go! The winter will be over soon, it's almost time to attack.