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01-14-2008, 03:04 PM
Got Heart problems?

They will give you an artificial loaner while they overhaul your old one,
practically good as new, and no anti-rejection crap either.

Scientists regrow heart and it beats

18:05 14 January 2008
Jason Palmer

Rat hearts have been stripped of their cells, repopulated with fresh ones, and made to beat again in a pioneering experiment that could lead to novel treatments for human patients.

You can engineer heart tissue in the lab, but building the whole organ from scratch is tricky, due to its intricate network of blood vessels. Whole organs have therefore been limited to thin structures, including bladders and skin.

But now Doris Taylor at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, US, and colleagues have "decellularised" rat hearts by adding chemicals that break up cells, leaving behind just the connective tissue, which is made of proteins.

They found that the resulting scaffolds still have the heart's complex three-dimensional shape, including space for all the blood vessels.
Seed cells

They seeded the scaffolds with blood vessel and heart muscle cells from newborn rats and flowed a soup of nutrients through the scaffold. The seed cells migrated throughout the structure and grew into muscle and blood vessels.

The team also applied small electrical jolts to trigger beating. Within four days, the tissue had started to contract, and within just 8 days the new heart was pumping with 2% of the efficiency of an adult heart.

"It's really ingenious," says Julia Polak of Imperial College London's Tissue Engineering Centre.

She says that seeding could be done with a recipient's own cells, avoiding the immune response that complicates organ transplants. "It can be applied to any organ taken from cadavers that opens up new possibilities for saving lives," she adds.

Journal reference: Nature Medicine http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn13182-scientists-regrow-heart--and-it-beats.html

Sounds potentially applicable to many organs.

Use of cadavers? Maybe you won't even have to have to use a temporary loaner, maybe they can create one on a cadaver scaffold. Not sure what people will think about that.
Not even sure what i think about that.
Of course if it keeps me alive & healthy i probably can get past just about anything.