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05-30-2012, 11:52 AM
Stupid People Having Kids:

Seriously, there should be some sort of assessment test or something that determines whether or not you’re capable, financially and otherwise, of raising children. We’re in dire need of something like that, lest we end up with more Detroits or Philadelphias. So many fucking dumbasses are popping out kids, can’t/don’t raise them properly, and then the quality of life in those neighborhoods dwindles down to a point where you need the fucking National Guard to step in, and put a stop to all the killing.


The Human race is a species that overwhelmingly believes that an invisible man lives in the sky and punishes us if we even think about having sex. The invisible sky man also wants us to choose whether or not to believe in him, but then he sends us to hell if we choose not to have faith. People actually believe this fucking shit. Are these really the kind of folks who we want having access to Nuclear Weapons? The amount of Nuclear Weapons at our disposal is staggering, and they’re enough to end all life on Earth several times over. What the hell gives Man the right to assemble weapons like these, much less actually use them?

Life Imprisonment:

What is the point of sentencing someone to life in prison? Why do that? That’s something I just don’t get because, well… if they’re going to be in prison for the rest of their lives, we can assume that they will no longer have anything to live for. Why not just kill them? Seriously. I was reading a story today about a 12 year old boy who may be sentenced to life in prison for killing a 2 year old in Florida. What? Why? Just give him a shot like you did with Stanley Tookie Williams and be done with it. What’s he going to aspire to in prison? Lifers just waste tax payer money. Its better to just drop the PC act and put them down.

Scientology Is The Greatest Religion:

I have to laugh anytime people put scientology down. Lol, as if your beliefs are any less stupid. Scientologists believe that we are older than the universe by several trillion years. Funny, well… you believe that a guy came back to life after having been dead for several days. What’s the difference? They’re both stupid as shit, and the only distinction is that Scientology is a relatively new religion with not as many practitioners.

Hillary Rosen was Right. Shut Up Ann Romney:

Nobody disputes the fact that raising children is hard work, but Ann, I highly doubt you actually know what its like to have to raise children whilst working and dealing with economic issues like regular, unprivileged American women. The fact that this blew up into a media frenzy of the Left vs the Right simply goes to show how stupid the media, and the people who eat it up, are. Right wingers are so eager to start a war that they trumpet anything to rile people up, and those on the Left are really no better. And Yes Sean Hannity, if the same were to be said of Michelle Obama, I’d be singing the same exact tune.


05-30-2012, 02:45 PM
If you have kids then you're a typical hypocrite.

What now?

I think anyone who thinks that Liberalism is founded in facts needs to be castrated.

05-30-2012, 04:38 PM
I don't have kids. I'm 23 and I decided years ago that I wouldn't have any until I am more financially secure and am able to care for them.

Hypothetically, had I not told you that, how would you know that I was a hypocrite if I had kids?