View Full Version : VALUES VOTERS-Does cheater Cain endorsing cheater Newt make a difference??

01-30-2012, 02:15 PM

01-30-2012, 02:42 PM
Nope. It's alleged cheater Cain. Just because an organization spends $10 of thousands of dollars and requires gag orders doesn't mean ...

Newt was the flavor of the day just like Bachmann, Perry, Cain and Santorum. Almost everyone running for the GOP was the leader at one point. Paul is the only one that didn't have the lead that's still in there.

The GOP can't decide what they stand for this week so they can't chose anyone. The only thing that Newt does is damage Romney and collect money.

Cain is a quitter and a nut so his support doesn't mean anything at this point.