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black sheep commentary
11-04-2007, 11:34 AM
Sunday, November 4, 2007
Love Liberal Democrats
I have to say that I find the Liberal and SP (secular progressive) group of people very interesting. They have many great ideas to improve the state of this country. I am sure to get responses telling me that liberals do not promote these things, but I have read them in the NY Times, LA Times, seen the reports on CNN, ABC, NBC, and local news networks. Take for instance passing out birth control to 11 year olds in Maine through the schools without parental notification. This will prevent many unwanted pregnancies and help teach these girls to get going with sex. Which in turn brings us to the Boulder Colorado school assembly in which 4 adults spoke to the students encouraging them to have sex with as many people as they can both male and female. This is great, more freedom!
They also promoted drug experimentation which we all know is no problem; especially marijuana as it has a calming mellow effect. In Portlan Oregon a nice liberal judge has found that it is a first amendment right to be able to have live sex shows in a gentlemans dance club. (stripper bar) Love this judge, thank you your honor. In a few states the legislatures are refusing to institute jessicas law that protects young girls from older men wanting sex. As many judges have said; " these men need help not prison, society let them down." YES!!
Just in case any of these young girls get pregnant out there or any woman in general the liberal thinking democrats are protecting their right to have an abortion and get rid of that annoying problem inside them. The other things liberals do that conservatives just hate is allowing all illegal aliens to come here unfettered to get a better life. What is wrong with that? Oregon for years has given out drivers licenses, food stamps, home loans etc. so as to help these poor underclass people who just want to work. They are not raping 12 year old girls, stealing, or dealing drugs any more than any other class of people.
Another idea is health care for all. Evil companies such as Wal-Mart and now even smaller companies are having to be forced to provide health insurance to workers and their families which they should have done all along. To hell with profits and staying in business, take care of the people! Another fine belief of the sp and liberal crowd is that criminals should be rehabilitated not punished too harshly because it is not their fault they struck out at society. They are crying for help. Soon I can commit a crime and not worry about a long stay in prison thanks to my liberal friends.
Gun control is a positive move because that may stave off the violence I wrote of in, "Anarchy 2012." Not letting us ruin the land or sea in search of oil is another good idea. Promote corn based ethanol and have the working Americans subsidize the research to help clean our air. If the price of food rises do to the almost exclusive use of corn (a food staple) for ethanol, I am sure the government of the democrats will reach out to help us. I love the freedoms being put forth to help improve our society by the liberal democrats. Conservatives can you promote some of these ideas?
We as a nation should be entitled to free food, housing, medical care, abortions, and much more. A great effort is being implemented to do away with christmas(yuck!!). Darn christians and their holidays always pushing their ideas on the rest of us to be concious of our choices. Some of which to them are sins but to liberals are rights! Not allowing nuclear energy such as France helps keep down the risks of environmental damage. To hell with needing power to run homes and businesses. As the Liberals say over and over; " we need to be more like the European countries, more open and understanding."
Should we not all strive for the nation that is the vision of the liberal democrats and SP's? I want to quit my job and have YOU pay for my house, have YOU pay for my clothes, YOU pay for my children's education, YOU pay my families medical needs, YOU pay for my car, and YOU PAY MORE TAXES TO PAY FOR MY LIFE.
Isn't this the country you want to live in ?

Jesse Hemingway
11-04-2007, 11:46 AM
Another retard in the house,
I love the way you freaks take the obscure situations and try to say they are happing every where. :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2:

black sheep commentary
11-04-2007, 01:08 PM
I still do not understand how you get that I am a christian fundementalist from agreeing with democratic ideals that may be good things. I agree they are not happening everywhere but they are happening and ideas have to start somewhere. thanks.:banghead: