View Full Version : Mobile Digital TV & "Tivizen".

05-04-2011, 10:44 PM
There is something that is already available in most major cities called MDTV (Mobile Digital TV).

It uses a special broadcast signal & with the right equipment, you can pick up free, local, over-the-air TV channels on these small, (pocket-sized 3.5" up to 7" & 10" screen) TV sets AND.... you can do so in a moving vehicle at speeds up to 100 mph, with no signal interruption.


There is also, already an iPhone/iPod/iPad app called "Tivizen" that, along with a little "dongle" style antenna, will enable you to utilize this new technology on your favorite Apple gizmo of choice & watch TV on it.


There is also a USB antrenna that will allow you to watch it on your laptop.

These broadcast signals are already available in most metro areas & the hardware can be purchased online. Look for it in the stores before the end of the year.