View Full Version : Never Do Something Today That You Would Not Do Tomorrow

Global Crier
12-18-2010, 06:24 PM
To spend money that you do not have, like our federal government has been doing is a crime against the future of America. If any American citizen and or corporation operated and manage their financial business similar too the way the United States Federal Government does. It would be considered a crime just like the Madoff ponzi scheme. The political leaders loyalty to the party and partisan lies told to the American people by the leaders from all of the major political parties has undermined our national security.

Anything can be used as a tool or weapon including our own government. The United States Federal government has been and is on a course that is not sustainable over the course of time. The longer we put off and delay the real structural changes that are needed to be made the worse things are going to get in the future. The American conservative religious right the first to stand for “the right to life” and to “go to war” at any cost. Yet they say they are for less government interference in the private lives of the American people. By their standards to own a gun is a Constitutional right and medical care is a privilege for those wealthy people who can afford to pay for it.

The vast majority of American people who say they are against socialism are in fact are many of those people who are profiting from our socialistic programs. That would include any person who is collecting Social Security, government or corporate pensions, people with children in public schools or for that matter any person living in the State of Alaska that receives more federal tax dollars than they send to Washington DC. The conservative religious right who want to cut from the American social safety network for those people who are less fortunate while increase military spending and operations on those people less fortunate around the world.

Most Americans would agree that our governmental system is broken and is not going to work very much longer on the current course we are on. The question becomes can we fix it while it is still running and working as it is today or do we have to go into a total melt down before we can fix it. The latter would be preferred but may not be possible in such a politically polarizing scene as we have in Washington DC today.