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  1. I can't believe this - you have to read it
  2. need gloves -willing to pay.
  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...........
  5. GOP taps 2 tea partiers for transition to power
  6. Do you folks allow Texans here?...
  7. The Movie Test
  8. New releases...
  9. As Serious as A Heart Attack
  10. What's in your kitchen?
  11. Gene Simmons in Iraq for a USO tour.
  12. Yo 2-T
  13. What song or artist is this..?
  14. Royal Wedding: Prince William Engaged
  15. World War I pictures made with thousands of people
  16. Burger King, "F*** You!"
  17. Admin...what just happened?
  18. Yo, 1.Libertarian94...
  19. The Quilt Thread
  20. If this doesn't make you smile then you have no lips...
  21. You have got to be kidding me.....
  22. What the Fuck? where is Eman?
  23. The New F-7 Thread welcomes Eman back!
  24. Sergio Britva of Israel wins world wrestling competition.
  25. Deer for breakfast anyone?
  26. Russia Hosts Summit To Save Tigers And Big Cats
  27. Free Wayers 57
  28. Australia explained
  29. When Molesting Children Just Doesn't Fall Low Enough
  30. Hello boys! Newsreader Megyn Kelly strips off for magazi
  31. At the risk of seeming self-impressed...
  32. BOX Thread, dedicated to Wayers
  33. Happy Thanksgiving!
  34. Never Call The Cops With A Consumer Complaint About Your Hooker
  35. YO Minty.
  36. TSA refuses to grope Karl Denninger
  37. Leslie Nielsen February 11, 1926 – November 28, 2010
  38. Man arrested after ejaculating during TSA pat-down
  39. How do you lower your inhibitions and freely speak your mind?
  40. Food court flash mob
  41. who else are you?
  42. Pacific, the mini series.
  43. Women get ever more beautiful, men don’t
  44. John Boehner is a dick
  45. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  46. Should I put every random thought I have onto a new thread.
  47. Dear Santa;
  48. How do you lower your inhibitions and freely speak your mind?
  50. Message from Santa to your kids...
  51. 5 Letters Game!
  52. An ethical dilemma...
  53. December 7th 1941
  54. Yo Bubbas ( and you know who you are)
  55. To help create that warm fuzzy holiday feeling...
  56. Ancient Rome
  57. Men from Maine
  59. Uhm Hmmmmmmmmmm.
  60. Where the Hell is Eman?
  61. What's our tagline?
  62. What is a site worth?
  63. Boardwalk Empire
  64. Sen. Bernie Sanders filibuster
  65. Brain Games
  66. Anyone jogging??
  67. Friend in Video competition needs quick help today!
  68. Madoff Son Found Dead in NYC in Apparent Suicide
  69. Odds and ends II
  70. THE FM8 Fun House
  71. Have our Mods become what they advise against?
  72. The FunHouse
  73. Share your Pictures!
  74. "I saw it as my duty as a father"
  75. What Christmas gift would you buy for the members here?
  76. I wonder if this had anything to do with his decision.
  77. Anyone play a sport, hobbies??
  78. anyone want free weed?
  79. the free grass (advice) thread
  80. A Piglet
  81. How much have you spent on tablet accesssories?
  82. Important: PLEASE READ
  83. Looks like 39% on this board are liberals
  84. :hi: Who do I have to Blow........
  85. man of the house
  86. Mental Hospital joke
  87. Drunk Accidentily Kills Shark that previously killed 1 and injured 4
  88. the password is........
  89. the minutes of the last FM8 meeting
  90. last minuit to get it !
  91. Fetal Bites
  92. Watch Out Southern California!!
  93. What did YOU want?
  94. Merry Christmas!
  95. what did you get?
  96. got jokes?
  97. Special treats at Christmas
  98. If Santa ever did deliver presents on Christmas Eve, he's dead now
  99. No, you are.....No, you are.....No, you are.....
  100. Im bored with this...
  101. Merry Christmas!
  102. Bride discovers husband is a woman… six months into marriage
  103. Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire
  104. New Years resolutions anyone??
  105. Cool Christmas songs??
  106. Santa vs captain capitalism
  107. Income from home?
  108. Traditional New Year's Day Meals
  109. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!
  110. Have fun driving in the snow
  111. Calling 911? Being Stupid Isn't an Emergency
  112. the year Kenny Loggins ruined Christmas
  113. Why were they banned?
  114. These stories are just weird.
  115. Slut Gene Discovered
  116. Straight Off the Bus Into WTF Territory
  117. Research project involving political attitudes
  118. Presenting the Fantastic Magnificant 8 youtube video !!!
  119. Handsome men add your own
  120. True Grit
  121. Gold Rush on Discovery
  122. Presenting the "Irates of the Liberal Machine" youtube video
  123. Palindrome day
  124. Go Auburn!
  125. Bird deaths explained
  126. Power Balance Arena?
  127. Dedicate a song.....
  128. Look at the private message I received here HAHAHA
  129. I have a question/complaint
  130. Miracles happen
  131. What's your new astrology sign?
  133. What person, living or dead, has been your greatest inspiration and why?
  134. Cyber Scum
  135. Post of the YEAR 2010 NOMINATIONS PLEASE
  136. safety certificate from the Nineteen Forties
  137. AZ Shooting Survivor Arrested for Death Threat Against Tea Party Leader
  138. Little Known Historical Facts
  139. Digits the Movie
  140. Happy MLK Day!
  141. Global warming is a joke, see for yourself
  142. Don Kirshner dies
  143. Wal Mart Wine
  144. Confucious Jokes
  145. Canada to Ban Dire Straits?
  146. DUMBASS falls in fountain while texting- SUES-wtf?? LOL
  147. Joe Biden emails accomplishments to the Democratic National Committee members.
  148. another big chill??
  149. Keith Olbermann just quit
  150. DCJ "Official beer thread"..........
  151. Todd Palin Affair to Alaska Madame Alleged by Enquirer
  152. "Green Zone" Movie
  153. Two Swedish twins attempt suicide on camera after being questioned by police
  154. This is the country I want back
  155. Da da da dahh, da dahhhh - CHARGE!
  156. 21 day meditaton from Deepak Chopra (via Email)
  157. 2011 Razzie nominations
  158. 2011 Oscar nominations
  159. A Message from Sarah Palin
  160. Hi All!!!
  161. British M.I. 5 uncovers Obama Birth Certificate
  163. Dick Cheney's Birthday
  164. What is it like attempting to convince right wingers of the truth?
  165. Karl Denninger gets the gold finger
  166. Honest Abe, the teenage years
  167. new here....!!!
  168. Southern States
  169. Liberal vs Conservative Philosophy
  170. Guess this guys political persuasion...???
  171. Do we show enough appreciation of DCJ Moderator Bill Cosby?
  172. Acronyms on Acid
  173. Happy birthday AK Gandy
  174. Steelers Are Going To Kill The Cheeseheads
  175. You might be from Boston if.......
  176. Black History Month
  177. An American, German and Irish Man ...
  178. OK, people...
  179. Useful Information
  180. Super Bowl Commercials
  181. Viagra: We have a gorgeous selection.
  182. Funny signs
  183. Can you believe this idiot "car surfing?"
  184. going around on facebook today
  185. Any Coen Bros. movies aficionados here?
  186. Truckman
  187. New Old Beer
  188. Stories to share.
  189. Rep. Chris Lee (R) resigns
  190. Problem solving flowchart
  191. Twain
  192. Jokes, Dirty or Otherwise, Political Correctness Be Damned!
  193. Atlas Shrugged Movie Trailer
  194. Why do conservatives hate America?
  195. OJ beaten unconscious in prison
  196. Question
  198. VA BBQ?
  199. Guys, is she cute?
  200. Subversive and controversial film
  201. Christina Aguilera - Among the best there ever was.
  202. Live Bald Eagle Nest Cam !!!!
  203. Bieber fever????
  204. Favorite Offbeat Films:
  205. Subterranean Homesick Termite Blues
  206. Amanda Knox Case
  207. Something bad happened where I kayak.. :(
  208. The Democratic Party is looking for organizers this summer.
  209. What causese shooting pain ,gassy stomach ,stools and abdomial pain after eating?
  210. Because Everybody Needs to Lighten Up a Little
  211. Here is an opportunity for Dems to get involved in the Democratic Party.
  212. Mexican brewery unveils first gay beer
  213. How beer saved the world
  214. Best erotic films
  215. I'll be gone, for a while..
  216. Protest Songs
  217. Simple things to be thankful for....!!!!
  218. you may know me as AWE's "penny stuck my butt" girl
  219. Inside Job
  220. " I blinked and I cured my brain": Charlie Sheen
  221. A unionized public employee, a Tea-Partier, and a CEO ....
  222. Where in the hell is Mark Miller?? ):
  223. The Cowboy Loan...
  224. Learn to Speak Tea Bag
  225. Typical Union Workers
  226. Where Is That Thread On Offbeat Film?
  227. The Auschwitz Album
  228. Professor has live sex demonstration in class...
  229. Documentaries?
  230. Charlie Sheen as Charlie Brown
  231. MIA-Where in the world is Roger from Ohio??????
  232. Charlie Sheen and Gaddafi chat
  233. Talk radio uses paid callers.
  235. Fascinating site...about fascinating sites!
  236. Happy birthday Hawkeye.........
  237. Jose Canseco was ready for fist to cuffs. Trump fires former teen idol David Cassidy.
  238. "White Christians love fucking little kids and covering it up."
  239. Could You Pass 10th Grade Geography?
  240. Kid jumps off golden gate as a stunt..
  241. Nuke it!
  242. School Answering Machine Message
  243. Disney - Now Don't Laugh
  244. Handsome Hunks
  245. Happy birthday SortofLiberal
  246. Battle: Los Angeles
  247. Happy Pi Day everybody!!!!
  248. Let's Get the Cause of the Earthquake/Tsunami Straight Now ...
  249. zimmys a doosh!
  250. Storm2 or iPhone4 on Verizon