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  1. Happy birthday Hawkeye2j
  3. I thought this was pretty funny
  4. Let's play ball
  5. Mariana Trench-Challenger Deep Why in the dept only aprox???
  6. You bored- go sailing w/ Dean Potter
  7. The Last Two Million Years
  8. What are they scared of?
  9. Bill Cosby is a Nut
  10. A brilliant solution to pollution by Doug Stanhope
  11. Are the traffic cops getting aggressive in your area?
  12. Was anyone just watching Leno?
  13. Classic RocKerZ onLy.....
  14. You tubes for the Funny Bone!
  15. nike air yeezy
  16. Anyone Plax Xbox360?
  17. Happy Birthday, PursuitofHappinessParty
  18. The WTF Blanket
  19. I want this DOG!
  20. Possible evidence of another universe
  21. Canadian Finance Minister Caught Taking Illegal Bribe Kickbacks!
  22. Stouffer's Suicide Prevention Tips
  23. Virtual Vacation Plan #1: Virtual Fishing Trip
  24. A thought occured to me.....
  25. Toss out that potato pealer.....
  26. Woman Driver Shaves Private Parts in Car and Causes Highway Accident
  27. Question for Pat
  28. A 1969 prediction of the internet on youtube
  29. The government can....
  30. A common ailment inflicted by girlfriends!
  31. Don't Forget Us - new web site for those in crisis.....
  32. High beam switch on floor
  33. New Hope for burn victims
  34. Visited the Automatic Gun Show at Knob Creek today!
  35. Any former Politirant members hanging around?
  36. Does Our Universe Live Inside a Wormhole?
  37. Stacking wood....
  38. Hockey -Question about the game
  39. One of the first news reports about the internet
  40. llamas with hats
  41. Looks like Dallas starts out 0-1
  42. A baby seal walks into a club.
  43. Darwinism vs Intelligent Design
  44. Steven Hawkins warns of the dangers in contacting ET.
  45. The smallest horse in the world......
  46. ED a Blessing in Disguise, Doc sez
  47. Hey Geeee.....
  48. Mediums gather in Brazil for religious ceremony
  49. May the 4th be with you
  50. Any electrician's out there?
  51. Would you try out this waterslide?
  52. Now we know how liberals were first spawned.
  53. How to hold on in a moving train
  54. Mr Obama, Congress and Drunken Sailors
  55. Happy Mothers DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  56. Your military has a sense of humor
  57. The year of the Vampires
  58. Talk to Cleverbot
  59. Viscous head butting conservative religious fundies attack poor defenseless white man
  60. typical discriminatory liberal socialist strive to destroy capitalism
  61. Stop Me Before I Pun Again !!!
  62. Nano-bots made from DNA made to operate in atomic-scale assembly line
  63. Metal legend Ronnie James Dio dead at 67
  64. Map of my country......
  65. Riddle, Because I'm Bored
  66. Eat Me!
  67. Filthy New York Liberal!
  68. You Cut.....We vote on programs we want to eliminate from the fed. budget.
  69. I like meat.
  70. Blue balls, Red Sox and Bobby Barnett.
  71. Hubble catches planet being devoured by its star
  72. 30 Hot Wheels Cars We Wish Existed in the Real World
  73. This day in history
  74. Texas Ditch Surfing
  75. Don't throw out that obsolete lap top
  76. Worlds smallest pistol....
  77. LOST explained
  79. Before they were celebs: Guess who
  80. Name all the music band/artists in this pic
  81. The Mark Unmasked - 666 -Solved
  82. Long Distance Courtship-Colonial Style
  83. Talking Points and Programming
  84. Breakfast at Gingers......
  85. Belly dancing.....
  86. Obama at the bat.
  87. Born in Slavery
  88. And the wedding singer is.....
  89. Laughter is the best medicine!
  90. The Known Universe
  91. trade sex for world series tiX
  92. CommonCents
  93. Technical problem - unable to change avatar
  94. My own free online game (PLEASE READ!)
  95. Cliff Clavin on beer
  96. Remember this? This Old Box, In Living Color
  97. Fight Over Cheetos
  98. gOd is back
  99. World Cup Babes
  100. DC Junkies Logo
  101. Which country or region, in your biased opinion has the most beautiful women
  102. Tech stuff
  103. Apologize to BP
  104. The Constitution for Kids.....
  105. Happy birthday SirMoby.....:)
  106. Cannot save avatar
  107. Shipwreck found in Lake Michigan
  108. The Stupidest Women's Products Ever Invented (PICTURES)
  109. No Arms, no legs, no problem
  110. The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time
  111. This is my hubbys brother in law......
  112. insomniac theater
  113. Happy Birthday America.....
  114. How Mens Underwear Should Be Advertised
  115. In the words of Red Skelton.....
  116. Hot as hell in Massachusetts
  117. Cyberdefender Review and Question
  118. Here's a quote for you....
  119. The Stupidest Men's Products Ever Invented (PICTURES)
  120. Nanny, 30, died from sexual arousal while watching pornography
  121. LeBron to Miami... So what??
  122. Don't think I will be visiting here much anymore
  124. Enjoying a Maine vacation
  125. Heart Attack Grill
  126. jail guarded by a dummy
  127. Russians training donkey paratroopers
  128. 8th Continent Soy milk commerical
  129. Soda Ads from early 1900's
  130. Documentary Recommendations
  131. A new CPR test
  132. Schlitz Beer was great for your health in 1908
  133. The Empire Strikes the Bank
  134. What beaches looked like a hundred years ago
  135. Photoshop time portals
  136. I got a new toy .......
  137. Inception
  138. Do you remember these?
  139. Happy birthday Tommy
  140. The Hawkeye2j tactic
  141. Do you want your employees to be loyal?
  142. What Are You Reading?
  143. Drive Through Fight Over Chicken Nuggets
  144. British Man First to Walk the Length of the Amazon River
  145. The Sex Life Of Cannibals
  146. George Bush Dodging Shoes
  147. Awesome Newspaper Headlines
  148. Eat your heart out AK
  149. New guy here.
  150. What is on the menu????
  151. What did you do on your vacation??
  152. nondual
  153. I can't ski Babe
  155. The Dog story
  156. Street Racing on 34th Street
  157. A Toilet Seat Freaks Out Over Job Description (Video)
  158. 6 Hour Orgy on the Beach With Photos
  159. Me on You Tube
  160. Rumblevillains LMFAO!
  161. Buyer Beware
  162. China's nine-day traffic jam stretches 100km
  163. How in the world of Rock N' Roll did fuckin cleveland get to be home???
  164. Help Cookie, the corgy's are coming......lol
  165. The 300,000 most visited websites.
  166. Crusades/jihads= Christianity & Islam......
  167. What Is The Best Web Hosting Site For A Small Business
  168. Lifeguard with a sense of humor
  169. The old Bill Maher board.........
  170. Just sitting here waiting for Earl
  171. All Things New York...
  172. I like Cheese!
  173. New toy- grow a boyfriend or girlfriend..lol
  174. Another day @ the office... lol
  175. Cleaning the House
  176. Funniest Carol Burnett skit ever
  177. Christian Sex Tape
  178. Anyone voting in Ohio??
  179. I wish Terri B. was here!
  180. Stand up to Cancer donation calls tonight
  181. Pretty Good Protest Signs
  182. Tom Brady accident 911 call
  183. For those that have at least an average IQ
  184. A horse race and the institution of marriage
  185. Anybody else enjoy the Red Green show?
  186. Anyone gardening??
  187. Can't download video drivers without being re-directed
  188. Survivor new season/America's Got Talent Finale
  189. Hollywood's filthy habits
  190. Fear of heights? Watch this.
  191. World's stupidest inventions
  192. Most ugliest pets
  193. stephen colbert the entertainer???
  194. movies
  195. Test for Hidden Bias
  196. Anyone watch wipeout????
  197. Awareness test
  198. Does your message board experience occasionally seem like this??
  199. Definitions of love
  200. In the fall of 1850.....
  201. The Social Network
  202. Same Rules Apply Here!
  203. Wayers House of fun...no politics
  204. The Body Calulator
  205. Baxter Building
  206. Caption for the Picture!
  207. New Members.....Hello! Feel free to post. We don't bite....hard! LOL!
  208. Is Cable TV on the way out?
  209. So where are all the liberal bleeders?':)
  210. Goldilocks planet discovered
  211. Man converts pickup truck into giant Radio Flyer Wagon
  212. Happy Birthday, Fred, Barney, Wilma and Betty!
  213. The Youtube boobtube!
  214. The Twister of 2010
  215. The Fattest Lame Duck in Captivity: 20 Bills Possible for Lame Duck Session
  216. Sir Moby....
  217. The Golf Thread
  218. Baseball playoffs
  219. ”You might be a Muslim if…”
  220. Awesome picture from Ryder Cup
  221. You might be a Catholic.....
  222. You might be a Mormon...
  223. I am voting Republican because...
  224. 대전장애인추락사
  225. Celebs Who Lean To The Right
  226. Racism Test... Takes Only Seconds!
  227. knock out
  228. Where's Smurf Herder?
  229. The Mis-Informant Part 1
  230. Homer Simpson is Catholic, Vatican paper declares
  231. Plane crashes due to loose crocodile
  232. Weather forecast: Hard pounding rain
  233. God Bless America
  234. Tron: Legacy
  235. powerful poetry
  236. Russian press conference invaded by flying dildo
  237. Favorite Horror Movies
  238. Late October Surprise devastates Republican chances on Tuesday!
  239. Woman, 88, says she hit 'vital spot' on intruder
  240. 10/30 Bill Mahr Show
  241. Ready for Halloween - and my close up, Mr. DeMille
  242. They Win U Lose
  243. I Voted
  244. SF Giants... Any fans here??
  245. Happy birthday blackascoal.....
  246. Liar, Liar
  247. Favourite Quotes
  248. Of Breasts and Bras
  249. Google Maps
  250. I can't believe this - you have to read it