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  1. Should we still respect our politcians.
  2. Romney advocating even more Bushonomics - recipe for utter failure, déjà vu
  3. NBC execs - WARNING: this thread contains Liberal Values
  4. The Libertarian and the Lobbyists
  5. Iran Set to Turn Off Oil Supply to Europe
  6. Largest Libertarian Society in History
  7. Obama Signs Global Internet Treaty Worse Than SOPA
  8. UPDATED: Scott Walker Staffers Arrested-Reince Priebus Now Involved
  9. When Is a Debt Not a Debt? When Republicans Need a Propaganda Tool
  10. How Fox News Is Destroying the Republican Party
  11. Retirement in America Is ‘Endangered’
  12. Conservatives want to hurt you.
  13. Mayor besieged by thousands of tacos after racist remark
  14. Tony Perkins: Star Wars ‘surrenders to gay empire’
  15. Obama supporter arrested after making death threats to Sheriff Joe Arpaio
  16. Obamacare is RomneyCare - Details
  17. State of the Union Smack Down *Video*
  18. Race Relations in America
  19. Plan for Popular Presidential Vote Quietly Advances
  20. .."Az. gun-totting teens pose w/ OBAMA bullet riddled T-shirt.."
  21. Obama’s Faux Populism Sounds Like Bill Clinton
  22. Banks Taketh, but Don’t Giveth
  23. The Stimulus was not about fixing the ecomony
  24. Oh-Oh !! Marines Embarking on " Cobra Gold" Exercise !!
  25. Some Candidates' Tax Proposals -w/ Results
  26. Retard Fundamentalist Right Wingnuts think secular gov't means athiest
  27. Compassionate Conservatism Goes Cannibal: Only Gingrich left standing
  28. Spread the Wealth Around
  29. Soros Warns of Violent Riots In America
  30. Polls show Gingrich falling behind Romney in Florida
  31. Marco Rubio: Obama will 'pit Americans against Americans to mask his record'
  32. GOP: Divide us before our enemies before giving Obama a 2d term
  33. British police arrest 5 in tabloid bribery probe
  34. Neil deGrasse Tyson illustrates the decline of science in America.
  35. More Raving Lunatic Birther Bullshit
  36. Occupy Activists Throw Stuff - "Merriment" Ensues
  37. Jan Brewer talks to the President
  38. Breaking? Fox News Viewers Are Misinformed
  39. U.S. economy may never fully recover
  40. THE BEST 1 Minute 19 Seconds YOU WILL SPEND TODAY
  41. The Case for Un-Electing Obama in One Chart
  42. Taibbi: Good Foreclosure Deal Could End With Half of Wall Street in Jail
  43. An Intro. to a Resource-Based Economy [ TEDx - Peter Joseph ]
  44. Expensive Combat Uniform- Moochelle needs $2400 cocktail dress to Fight Class Warfare
  45. Uh oh Fixed News junkies - your dealers are getting busted, bigtime
  46. Even Floridians are just saying 'no!' to the GOP harlots, Willard sucking hind teat
  47. Tea Party Intelligence gap attributed to additives in Miller Lite: Romney adjusts
  48. How Swedes and Norwegians Broke the Power of the ‘1 Percent’
  49. Why I Don't Worry About Iran, or any other mofo
  50. RED ALERT: First NDAA "Indefinite Detention", Now Our Right to Bear arms/ammo
  51. The lies of MSNBC.....
  52. Sweden officially recognizes NEW RELIGION - "File Sharing" - no, I'm not joking
  53. Oakland Cops Open Fire On Hundreds Of Occupy Oakland Protesters
  54. Liberal POOPS out over 2 pounds of Heroin
  55. GOP: The Anti-Science Party
  56. California 6 year old charged with sexual assault in game of tag
  57. Liberals- Their ANTI-Science beliefs
  58. Psychopathic Economics: Davos Post Mortem
  59. Red to Blue & Drive to 25.... Democrats aiming to take back House.
  60. If Florida Votes Romney, Obama Will Win Based On This Single Issue
  61. American Infrastructure: Made In China
  62. Obama Likes The Unknown Over The Known When Danger Involved
  63. U.S. Republican Party May Never Fully Recover
  64. Veteran psychiatrist calls liberals mentally ill
  65. Gallup: It's Official. Obama Most Polarizing President in History
  66. About Obama's Job Killing Policies
  67. The Myth of Obama Regulations
  68. Power of the People Not limited to Bill of rights - sorry!
  69. Mitt Romney aide on Florida primary: 'It's about destroying Gingrich'
  71. China question?? Chinese/English & force????
  72. Pennsylvania General Assembly names 2012 ‘the year of the Bible’
  73. Palin: Gingrich will ‘clobber’ Obama
  74. Bachmann: Tea party ‘has been only a force for good’
  75. "Obama, Reid, Pelosi, get the hell out of the USA" - Rep. Allen West
  76. Why hasn't obama/dems put back the barriers that Glass-Steagall had erected????
  77. Monsanto To Be Charged With Biopiracy
  78. VALUES VOTERS-Does cheater Cain endorsing cheater Newt make a difference??
  79. Jews Rap Romney for Kosher Cuts
  80. Message From Vote Vets
  81. Sean Penn may profit from Keystone Pipeline
  82. Chris Hedges...What Happened To Canada?
  83. Dem Sheldon Whitehouse to introduce 'Buffett Rule' bill Wednesday
  84. Why the old economy should never be put back together again
  85. Bad Faith and the Right Wing
  86. Muppets-1, Fox News-0
  87. Fourteen Propaganda Techniques Fox "News" Uses to Brainwash Americans
  88. Congresswoman is Outraged she was wiretapped (but she voted for the Patriot Act)
  89. Will Paul Win Anything With Republicans?
  90. The 'Tea Party' and John Birch Society are THE SAME PEOPLE
  91. Drunken Dittohead gets $22M settlement after 2 years solitary confinement, no trial
  92. What makes some corporations liberal and others conservative?
  93. Editing & PM changes-GOLD MEMBERSHIP
  94. President Obama's Pro-Choice Birth Control Decision Draws Praise From Religious Leade
  95. Jan Brewer Collects SS Benefits for Rapist Son
  96. Florida Repub Primary - a political war zone
  97. Here's why union membership keeps falling
  98. Obama's revengonomics won't help economy
  99. God Be Praise-ed !! Iran Launches Crackdown on Facebook Sites
  100. Chinese Boosting Military Presence in Restive Province
  101. Exelon shuts Byron nuclear plant unit after power loss
  102. Has anyone here actually read Saul Alinsky???
  103. Massive U.S. Military Buildup Reported Around Iran; Up to 100,000Troops ReadyBy March
  104. ..."America leading the world in RECOVERY..."
  105. Are Most Federal Workers Overpaid? CBO Says Yes
  106. After Billions in Federal Bailouts, Now GM Lobbying States for More?
  107. Monsanto & Cancer Milk: FOX NEWS KILLS STORY & FIRES Reporters
  108. Must See TV … Police Tase Barefoot #Occupy DC Goon in Pajamas
  109. Obama could take a lesson or two from this guy...
  110. Clean Energy Executives Say Grid Parity Without Subsidies Could Be Just 3 Years Away
  111. The Satanic Bible
  112. Willard Romney's biggest problem - the "I'm such a dick" factor
  113. What Song Should Gingrich Use?
  114. Woman charged over bizarre soda can refund plot
  115. Obamas Greatest Hits.. Honor but mostly Shame!
  116. Newt Gingrich Robocall: Mitt Romney Forced Holocaust Survivors To Eat Non-Kosher Food
  117. Mock the Vote: How Pat Paulsen Paved the Way for Colbert
  118. Pot legalization efforts forge ahead in key states
  119. Allen West Punks Out - Walks Back Idiotic Remark
  120. Foreclosure Auction Shutdown by Singing Activists
  121. Ex-Marine Reoccupies His Own Foreclosed Home in Fight Against Freddie Mac, JPMorgan C
  122. Why Romney being a multi-millionaire is a plus
  123. Romney Wins Florida
  124. 7% of Florida certifiable
  125. Georgia, New Hampshire, and Tennessee Have State Bills to Fight UN Agenda 21
  126. The 48 Laws of Power...Romney is using them to perfection
  127. It's undeniable and NEVER discussed publicly - the Civil War never ended
  128. mitt obama, newt obama or a real conservative
  129. Palin: Romney created ‘false narrative’ to win Florida
  130. Matthews: Romney is ‘one of the bad guys’
  131. Gingrich to Obama: ‘Respect our religion,’ not ‘every other religion’
  132. Gingrich super PAC adviser: Democrats want to abort black babies
  133. Michael Reagan: Think of liberals as ‘termites’
  134. What do Evergreen Energy, Ener1, and Amonix, Inc. all have in common?
  135. Thanks Barack… Taliban Poised to Retake Afghanistan After NATO Withdraw
  136. Will Mormons’ racist history be a problem for Willard Romney?
  137. Letter from freed slave to former master draws attention
  138. Single Mother in Milwaukee Raped by Cop – Then Arrested for “Assaulting an Officer”
  139. They want tyranny.
  140. The Ten Commandments- the basis of our laws and morals
  141. Greece: Diplomacy at gunpoint
  142. Soul Train host Don Cornelius found dead at Los Angeles home
  143. About Racism....
  144. FACT CHECK: 10 Dubious Claims from Obama’s State of the Union
  145. I'm Surprised
  146. Police Say Man Shot Himself 4 Times In The Head During Tulsa Standoff
  147. US to end Afghan combat mission in 2013
  148. It's Black History Month
  149. Condoms, Porn, and Force! - Nanny of the Month
  150. Toilet texting on the rise
  151. Gallup state numbers predict huge Obama loss
  152. TOP TEN MOST CONSERVATIVE MOVIES of all time. The list knocked my socks off!
  153. Budget is Obama's last chance to keep his word
  154. Mitt Romney: 'I'm Not Concerned About The Very Poor'
  155. Deafening Republican Silence on Financial Fraud Task Force
  156. U.S. Intervention in Mexico An interview with Noam Chomsky
  157. It's pretty cool Willard just said "I'm not concerned about the poor", eh?
  158. Republicans In Action
  159. Hmm.... Anthrax Reportedly Sent to Pakistani PM in October
  160. LAPD, Special Forces Conduct Urban Operations Exercise Over Downtown LA
  161. Business Insider says "Savers and Retirees should stop Whining about those Lousy Rate
  162. Fracking Republicans!
  163. House Votes To Repeal CLASS Act, Part Of 2010 Obama Health Care Law
  164. House Republicans Plagued with ethics probes, giving Dems even more ammunition
  165. Letters Home From OWS Protesters...
  166. Anonymous activists have become terrifying to the powers that be
  167. GOP: Ban welfare cash at strip clubs
  168. How debt was created.
  169. the middle class have no safety net
  170. Polo Club Founder Adopts Girlfriend Amid Civil Suit Over DUI Death
  171. President Obama versus Romney in singing ability
  172. The Democrats Who Unleashed Wall Street and Got Away With It
  173. Tyrannical Toilet rules in Norwegian companies - more than 8 minutes triggers alarm
  174. Mitt’s Faulty History
  175. Fast and Furious UPDATE
  176. Just Saying
  177. carl stiles fracking activist dies
  178. Toxic Sugar: Should We Regulate It Like Alcohol?
  179. King of the Combovers Trump endorses Romney
  180. the real reason why Gingrich has any support and why Romney is gaining on him
  181. Socialist Spain stomps out corporate welfare solar subsidies $210 million saved
  182. The Great Failing of OWS - Wall Street Surges under Obama
  183. File under don't call the cops. "Autistic Teen Fatally Shot by Police at Home"
  184. Politico: Why Obama should be worried
  185. Fewer seek unemployment aid as job market improves Email this Story
  186. I wonder what all you Obama supporters who are anti-religious think of this
  187. Yes, Mitt really said this
  188. Challenge – Is America the New Axis of Evil
  189. WP:CNN confirm: Panetta believes Israel may strike Iran this spring
  190. Do The Trump Dance
  191. I dont even care anymore....
  192. Do Liberals Own/Work at Gun Shops...
  193. In Bush v. Obama, Bush Wins in a Rout
  194. Negotiating With Bad Faith
  195. Obama, Jesus would back my Taxes Policy LMFAO
  196. Syria U.N. Deliberations Haunted By Ghost Of Libya Mission
  197. Intelligence Study Links Low I.Q. To Prejudice, Racism, Conservatism
  198. Uh oh, already desperate wingnuts - Unemployment Rate Drops to 8.3%; Payrolls Jump!
  199. Did GW Bush fall off the face of the Earth? WTH???
  201. America's Most Miserable Cities, 2012
  202. Civil rights for foliage
  203. Record 1.2 Million People Fall Out Of Labor Force In One Month- A 30 Year Low
  204. No hate charges in Center City cab attack
  205. Anonymous hacks into phone call between FBI and Scotland Yard
  206. Today is the day. REPEAL the NDAA! - Action Item
  207. Facebooks' Zuckerberg may never pay taxes again - 'Romney Rule' to the rescue!!
  208. Just Cause
  209. Why the hell is the Romney Family from MEXICO????
  210. today Komen for the cure reversed itself
  211. Unemployment falls to 8.3%
  212. All Racism Should Be Called To Answer
  213. Notable Men in History, Political and Otherwise
  214. Israel, U.S. Divided Over Timing of Potential Military Strike Against Iran
  215. Earth to Willard's Chief Political Advisor - get that load to a.....
  216. How the GOP Is Resegregating the South
  217. The Shameless Lies Conservative Media Tell Their Audience
  218. Meditation on the Conservative Mind: A frightened reaction to actual liberty?
  219. This Week In Crazy
  220. The monumental unblinking arrogance of GOP Obstructionism
  221. How Unhinged capitalism is failing working America
  222. White House Advisors: 'It's time' to hush Rush
  223. Racism and the GOP
  224. 'Scores killed' in Syria's Homs
  225. Anonymous Takes Down Dept Of Homeland Security Website!
  226. Stiglitz: We need another Public Works Kick Start
  227. Hey Minty, Miami named most miserable U.S. city
  228. Corporations taxed less on U.S. profits than Mitt Romney
  230. How The GOP Is Resegregating The South
  231. Obama wins reelection pretty easily
  232. Arizona State Lawmaker Proposes Holiday For White People
  233. Romney's radical rhetoric won't be matched by reality
  234. Russians brave frigid temperatures in pro- and anti-Putin rallies
  235. Yemenis rally against presidential immunity law
  236. Libyan protesters throw grenades, storm government offices
  237. Suggestions for Nat'l Monuments.
  238. About Those Unemployment Numbers
  239. Artist's New Work tells 'Enslaved' Americans to 'Wake-up'
  240. China, Russia veto Arab-backed U.N. resolution on Syria, defying western powers
  241. Indiana GOP Secretary of State guilty of voter fraud
  242. More Bills to Make Your Life Better -- Blocked by Republican Filibusters
  243. Why I'm Voting for Mitt!!
  244. Let's look at your politics graphically.
  245. Republican guilty of voter fraud
  246. PA GOPer Admits There’s No Evidence That Voter ID Laws Are Needed
  247. Workers, not Catholic hierarchy, should choose their health care
  248. Obama Leads The 'World', Except When He Doesn't
  249. What? Europe May Have A Crisis?
  250. History Does Matter