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  1. Woman uses children to rob 84 year old of life savings
  2. Why Romney is Obama’s dream opponent He represents the most reckless forces of an unf
  3. NDAA Rhode Island Rebelling More States to follow New American Revolution
  4. Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus || You Tube battle
  5. Liberal Politicians in IL raise income taxes by 67% and still have 4.25 million debt
  6. I thought Democrats were innocent of Crony Capitalism...
  7. Newt pwns John King & Media on Debate
  8. Bureaucracies Watching Bureaucracies
  9. Illinois Increases Income Taxes To 5%
  10. Gingrich comes out swinging
  11. Outsourcing America's Health Care
  12. How Scapegoating Bradley Manning Avoids the Truth About the American Military
  13. 97 Percent of Americans Pay Less Tax Than Romney's 15 Percent
  14. Anonymlous Downs FBI - FBI After Anonymous
  15. Robert Reich- YES HE CAN!!
  16. British soldiers arrested over report they molested Afghan children, filmed it
  17. From Israel: Vote Ron Paul and Let My People Go!
  18. Bankrupt Solyndra Caught Destroying Brand New Parts
  19. Obama ok's 25 million for 38 jobs and no to 20,000+ jobs
  20. Flying Confederate flag costs Missouri student parking
  21. California Love
  22. Communism, are you f'ing kidding me?
  23. Tax shelters could doom Romney campaign against Obama
  24. Gallup: Romney support EVAPORATING!!!
  25. Here's how Fixed News tweaks these Dittohead's heads
  26. American Newspaper Publisher Suggests Killing President Obama
  27. Guilty until Proven Innocent
  28. MegaUpload file sharing site shut down for piracy by Feds
  29. Pants on fire right out of the gate
  30. A whole lot of money on this train. Does anything about it seem unusual?
  31. Farmers - Whining'nSniveling
  32. LA Students Reject Healthy School Lunch Menus
  33. Iran Says : "Never Mind !"
  34. White House Resists Religious Pressure In Finalizing Birth Control Mandate
  35. these women tick me off!!!!
  36. Will a Romney Presidency open the door for polygamy??
  37. Jewish Newspaper Under Scrutiny for Remarks
  38. Exploding Heads Dept. : Marine Praises Obama
  39. NEWT ON FIRE!!!!!....Takes HUGE lead in SC!!!
  40. Cuban Prisoner Dies Following Hunger Strike
  41. Supreme Court Overturns 'Right v. Wrong'
  42. Obama Openly Asks Nation Why On Earth He Would Want To Serve For Another Term
  43. Bill Maher gets OWNED by Guests for Supporting SOPA
  44. POLITICAL EXPLOSION! Watch Out Obama! Gingrich is out to piss you off!
  45. Gingrich wins South Carolina
  46. Small Businesses want to overturn Citizens United
  47. Family Values
  48. Carville to GOP: You have a disaster on your hands
  49. Nigerian City In Shock After Boko Haram Bombing
  50. "40 Catholic leaders tell Santorum & Gingrich STFU w/ the bigotry!"
  51. I see he's half white.
  52. Newt loves dinosaurs
  53. Machiavelli on Liberality and the National Debt
  54. What Conservatives don't get on women's reproductive rights....
  55. It appears Ron Paul can't win anything.
  56. What Romney could be hiding in his tax returns (Hint: An offshore bank is not a bank)
  57. Freddie/Fannie mega Lobbyist/disgraced Congressman Newtie has a problem with Alinsky?
  58. FOX: Recession was good for kids
  59. One Mexican State Bordering The US Was Deadlier Than All of Afghanistan Last Year
  60. Intellectual Property Piracy
  61. What our tax dollars pay for....
  62. Rick Santorum's mortgage
  63. PETA alert, Romney- Grizwald Vacation!
  64. Iceland makes fledgling recovery from its economic meltdown
  65. My View: Look for the Signs
  67. Russia/Iran Relationship - 400 Years Old
  68. The Gentle Economic Collapse of the Empire
  69. Afghan soldier kills four French troops over U.S. Marines video
  70. Chris Christie: ‘Newt Gingrich has embarrassed the party’-LMAO!!!
  71. Anonymous briefly deletes CBS.com from the Internet
  72. Pot-based prescription drug could receive FDA approval
  73. The Stages of Democracy that lead to its Failure
  74. Scarborough: GOP ‘base is revolting’ against Romney
  75. Clyburn: Gingrich using coded language ‘perfectly’
  76. "My kingdom is not of this world." -Jesus
  77. David Frum: Why GOP leaders don't trust Gingrich
  78. Rand Paul ‘detained’ by TSA in Nashville
  79. Fox News host: Gingrich will ‘take the head off’ Obama
  80. Newt Gingrich Attacks 'Dictatorial Religious Bigots' During SC Victory Speech
  81. Active duty soldiers send message of tolerance to gay teens
  82. Evangelical leader compares Gingrich to Italian cruise ship captain
  83. Capitalism 101: Healthcare is an industry so why not police & fire protection??
  84. Mitt Romney Mic Checked by Occupy Daytona Beach
  85. 2012 election Breakdown
  86. Joke
  87. Jesus Cotton! WTF!
  88. US deploys 12,000 troops in Libya
  89. Oliver Stone would Vote Ron Paul over Obama
  90. Right Wing Echo Chamber: Obama is a SOCIALIST!
  91. Homelessness is getting worse
  93. Marine accepts plea deal in 24 Iraqi civilian deaths= 3 months detention, maybe
  94. Senator Paul refuses airport patdown after alarm
  95. GPS needs warrant
  96. The Newt, Obama & Saul Alinsky
  97. Obama halt in deportation results in 3 MURDERS in Miami
  98. Planes expected to reroute following massive solar eruption
  99. Hidden Camera Reveals How Easy It Is for Phantom Voters to Vote
  100. I'm Voting Republican
  101. Tea parties issue demands to Tennessee legislators
  102. When is Obamas "Stink up the Union" speech?
  103. Andrea Mitchell Claims Mitt Romney’s Family Entered The Country Illegally
  104. Limbaugh: The Republican Establishment Is In A ‘Full-Blown Panic’ Over Gingrich Win
  105. Anyone watching this freak show in Tampa?
  106. Israel Insanity Iran Nukes
  107. I want to share this post made by a friend of mine who served
  108. Old Commies slam New Commies - over EU boycott of Iranian Oil
  109. Slightly Off Topic: Where the HELL is GW Bush???
  110. India to pay gold instead of dollars for Iranian oil.
  111. Ann Romney...MS, Equestrian, Childrens Charities....
  112. Who lost the debate Mitt Vs the Newt??
  114. What if France's senate passed bill outlawing the denial of Native American genocide
  115. ..."The GOPuke debates are a circular firing squad--a boon for Obama..LOL!.."
  116. What if bush had signed NDAA
  117. OWS: Bill Maher w/ Bill Moyers on importance of popular support and Occupy movement
  118. Phew ! No Islamic Radicals-Thank Goodness !!
  119. New Election Forum!
  120. Why are right wingers such inveterate LIARS???
  121. Welcome to the new forum..
  122. You Can’t Make This Up: Rick Santorum Launches C.U.M.
  123. FBI arrests 4 Conn. cops for alleged racial profiling
  124. In Philippines, Some See Birth Control as Path to Food Security By: Larisa Epatko
  126. Newts wives
  127. Rick Santorum On Opposition To Abortion In Cases Of Rape: 'Make The Best Out Of A Bad
  128. Evangelical leader compares Gingrich to Italian cruise ship captain
  129. Better to be an adulterer than a Mormon?: Evangelicals, Gingrich, and Romney
  130. Romney earned 12 times more than Obama, had nearly half the tax rate
  131. Campaign Doctrine: First Thoughts on Gingrich vs. Romney
  132. Judge says Obama must appear in ‘birther’ suit
  133. Crybaby Gingrich threatens to boycott debates without applause-LMAO
  134. Limbaugh: Ron Paul ‘sounds like an Islamic terrorist’
  135. Why did Newt Gingrich bring his daughters into the debate?
  136. GOP angst: Gingrich's rise could be their downfall
  137. OMFG...Buffetts Secretary to sit with Michelle Obama at State of the Union
  138. ‘Crack 4 sale’ advertised in Houston
  139. Japanese Delegation Wants the U.S. Out of Okinawa
  140. WHO'S GREEDY? Obama Gave 1% to Charity, Romney Gave 15%
  141. SOPA sponsor has another Internet bill that records you 24/7
  142. Government could strip citizenship from Americans under Enemy Expatriation Act
  143. State of the Union Address
  144. Which words will Obama use most frequently tonight?
  145. Tennessee Tea Party ‘Demands’ That References To Slavery Be Removed From History Text
  146. OMFG...Army Sgt, Astronaut, Special Ops Commander and Lesbian Col to join Michelle
  147. Message From An Older Republican
  148. The LORD is a jealous God
  149. Guess which American politician said it.
  150. Can a Conservative Explain to Me ...
  151. THE WAR: I think I am going to be sick
  152. Republicans waited all day to kiss Obama's ring.
  153. No Science for You!
  154. The State of The Union!
  155. Politically Correct
  156. Mitch Daniels is the BEST the Repukes have to offer???
  157. A Message from Gabby
  158. Buffett would profit from Keystone cancellation
  159. Why America is Failing Explained in Simple English....
  160. Who's Greedy? Romney gave 15% to charity, Obama gave 1%
  161. Boehner's guests for Obama speech: Keystone supporters
  162. Under Obama, Price of Gas Has Jumped 83 Percent, Ground Beef 24 Percent, Bacon 22 Per
  163. Don't Look Now Republicans...but Hiring is Up!!!
  164. .."I'd like my FETUS..w/ some fava beans and a bottle of Chianti!!"
  165. Rules of American Justice: A Tale of Three Cases
  166. The Fraud of Multiculturalism
  167. Seals Rescue Kidnapped Aid Workers in Somalia
  168. Chinese "Benevolence" towards Tibet Gets Warmer
  169. How Fraudsters, Cheaters and Exploiters Killed The Economy
  170. Obama agrees that regualtion is killing small business
  171. Barack Obama is President of the United States of America
  172. Who has the integrity to admit they put party above all?
  173. Not that Newt has played the family card will Mitt play the race card?
  174. The end of capitalism as we know it, 3 to 4 years???
  175. Warren: Richest U.S. companies ‘spending more on lobbying’ than taxes
  176. Martin Bashir:bagger/values Joe Walsh: You ‘lack a level of integrity’
  177. Romney profited from mortgage lenders that foreclosed on thousands
  178. Pelosi: I know a Secret and Gingrich will never be president
  179. Obama recycles his State of the Union Speeches from 2010 and 2011. LOL!
  180. Gabrielle Giffords Resigns from Congress
  181. The Republican nightmare-choice bits re the Newtster...
  182. Obama appoints Muslim cultural czar/ambassador-Sharia law next??
  183. More proof Obama's Politics of Fairness are much needed --water carriers aside
  184. Would Dr. Martin Luther King Approve Of Hip-Hop's Current State?
  185. That SOTU surely MESSED UP these wingers.......
  186. Texas Sues DOJ Over Voter ID Law
  187. DCJ mods should block/erase white supremacist posts
  188. No trial, 2 years in solitary after DWI arrest!
  189. Obama is meta-party -He is American
  190. New tech system has red light to mark ‘pre-crime’ suspects
  191. Teabagger Darling Newtie: I will build a Moon Base by my second term!
  192. What if Paul goes rogue?
  193. Wacky Jan Brewer gets in Obama's Face Over Book, Immigration Issues
  194. Is the main stream media Liberal or right wing??
  195. Mexico Security Memo: Guns, Money and Los Zetas Incursions in Sinaloa Territory
  196. PRESS FREEDOM INDEX 2011/2012-USA 47th
  197. Mormon Church's Prior Baptism Of Dead Jews Could Raise Concerns For Florida Voters
  198. Economic ruin on the horizon for Greece: Germany cast doubts on saving country
  199. Another great GOP plan in Fla-fine sports teams for not housing the homeless
  200. Who is John Galt?
  201. Killing for Opium: If You Speak Out, You’re ‘Suicided’
  202. Geithner: Obama won't ask me to stay in a 2nd term
  203. The State of Israel is in Bed with the Military Industrial Complex
  204. Obama Sez
  205. North Carolina Death Row Inmate Writes Letter About Life of 'Leisure'
  206. AWWWH, this is so politically incorrect....
  207. Obama's SOTU speech his lowest rated ever
  208. Gingrich donor is casino mogul, Israeli hardliner
  209. Fla Primary MAKE IT STOP!!!
  210. Iranian Plot to Kill Israeli Ambassador ?
  211. The human cost of cheap labor
  212. Banks still ruining peoples lives
  213. The Dismal State of the Union
  214. Obama Oversaw Rescue Mission Before State Of The Union Address
  215. Former Obama Staffer Arrested in ID scam
  216. Willard 'Mitt' Romney gave $100 million to his sons- paid zero gift tax
  217. School Vouchers = Federal Funding of Christian Schools
  218. FBI plans social network map alert mash-up application
  219. NYPD commish's son, a Fox anchor, in rape probe
  220. Does Iran Have Nukes Or Not??
  221. Ralph Nader on Democracy Now
  222. Organizing a Military Stand Down Against NDAA
  223. Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice
  224. Gingrich admits to having no character witnesses in ‘open marriage’ scandal
  225. Dogs Against Romney
  226. Obama Signs Global Internet Treaty Worse Than SOPA
  227. Amazing spreads in gasoline prices
  228. Soros May Benefit From White House’s Natural Gas Proposal
  229. How the left got Americans hooked on welfare
  230. Al Franken promotes marriage equality in new video
  231. Barney Frank to marry partner Jim Ready
  232. Paradise lost: Would America be better off w/out all this "social welfare"???
  233. I've noticed right wingers can't control their seething racism these days
  234. The LANDSLIDE on it's way - GO NEWTIE GO!!!!!!!!!!!
  235. Boy Scouts Name Calling = Neoconservative Values?
  236. The Debate is on!
  237. Loose Change in the Car Ashtray
  238. Romney says SOTU speech was like Groundhog Dog
  239. Obama Eligibility
  240. Former Apple Exec: We Knew About Worker Abuse In China And Ignored It Read more: htt
  241. Sarah Palin: Chris Christie Got His ‘Panties in a Wad’ After Romney’s SC Loss
  242. Supreme Court Paves Way for Sharia Law
  243. Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice
  244. Cabarrus lawmaker calls for public hangings
  245. Betty White's Birthday Bash ( Exploding Heads Warning !)
  246. OH NO-O-O-O !! DEPT
  247. Interesting take on the fundamental differences between liberals & conservatives...
  248. Lew Rockwell: World Social Forum and World Economic Forum are interchangeable
  249. Us government gives millions to corporations with no strings attached
  250. Obama to University of Michigan Students..