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  1. So How do You Like me Now?...McCain endorses O???
  2. LMAO- A Nightmare on Wall Street...
  3. Cenk slams CNN for neglecting indefinite detention: ‘Do real news!’
  4. Jon Stewart: GOP playing ‘a**holes’ poker’ with Cordray appointment
  5. Exploding Heads Dept. : US Warship Rescues IRANIAN Crew From Somali Pirates !
  6. robo-cops to police prison
  7. Stephen Colbert TEARS INTO Obama Over The NDAA Bill
  8. Since when does the first lady have authority over anyone?
  9. The arc
  10. The Romney Con
  11. 9/11 and Israel: Alan Sabrosky’s Candid Interview
  12. Noam Chomsky on Libertarian Socialism
  13. Nickel and Dimed from The American Ruling Class!
  14. Flashback: Romney Melts Into A Mitt Fit When The Media Challenges His Inaccuracies
  15. Labor unions primary recipients of Obamacare waivers
  16. History of U.S. Intervention in Iran - 1953 Until Present
  17. Santorum - 'I didn't say black'
  18. They really do think they’re royalty
  19. Romney,another deadbeat inherited wealth repuke
  20. Y'ALL GONNA DIE !!! Eventually.
  21. Obligation of the Citizenry in a Democratic Republic
  22. "What's Happening in the Persian Gulf"
  23. The SPP, North American Union. The Agenda
  24. Global economy would collapse in 7 days if a major disaster struck the planet
  25. Entering a World Without Money
  26. California Lawmaker Pleads No Contest in Shoplift Case
  27. SPECULATION 101: What would America be like now had JFK not been murdered??
  28. The G.O.P.’s ‘Black People’ Platform
  29. Eight-Year-Old Fires Handgun on Mesa School Bus Packed With Kids. Yes, This Really Ha
  30. "Sorry, I don't hate enough to qualify as a Christian."
  31. Muhammad tells it like it is
  32. U.S. Government Threatens Free Speech With Calls for Twitter Censorship
  33. Kennedy to replace Barney Frank?
  34. Romney busted.all his money in offshore accounts.
  35. Which of the GOP "conservative" candidates is a "real conservative"??
  36. BREAKING: NYPD Silenting Protesters Live! for informing the general public that NDAA
  37. Monitor This: It’s what to do when you’re mad as hell
  38. If obama was not running who would you vote for?
  39. Pat Buchanan off MSNBC indefinitely
  40. Florida Bill Would Make Abortion A Felony With A Maximum Sentence Of Life In Prison
  41. Republican candidates stand by negative ads, fail to knock out Romney
  42. Stephanopoulos struggles with fairness during NH debate
  43. Why do they show the candidate's family in debates?
  44. Step right up and buy yourself a genuine politician
  45. Pity the Quarter-Billionaire: An Open Letter to the Tea Party
  46. Coulter: Iowa shows Republicans Determined to beat Obama
  47. Teachers Decide To Work For Free After Budget Cuts Leave Pennsylvania School District
  48. Willard's steel skeleton in the Bain closet
  49. Kid not shot by handgun.
  50. Labor Takes Aim at Walmart—Again
  51. Go Tebow
  52. This Is Why Ron Paul Is So Dangerous…
  53. Prosecutors Gone Wild: How Many Wrongful Convictions Will the Public Stand for?
  54. Nuts'nBolts
  55. Need to balance budget: boloney
  56. Billionaire gives $5 million to pro-Gingrich group
  57. Venezuelan Diplomat Declared " Non Grata" and Shipped Home.
  58. Make $ Helping Deny Global Warming ??
  59. White House threw secret 'Alice in Wonderland' bash during recession
  60. 1860 or 2012?---Racism doesn't exist?
  61. CFR Meeting - Zbigniew Brzezinski Fears The Global Awakening
  62. Where's the Mother Ship????
  63. The real conservitives are trying to vote Romeny of the island S. Carolina..lmaO
  64. Racial slur on Papa John’s Pizza receipt goes viral
  65. Woman asks Santorum if he hates black people
  66. 2011 Is Priciest Year Ever for Gasoline
  67. Short NBC gig for Chelsea?
  68. January Surprise: Is Obama preparing a trillion-dollar, mass refinancing of mortgages
  69. The Low Life Art Of Tebow Bashing
  70. Ethanol Subsidies - Still Here Says Columnist
  71. Judy Miller Alert!
  72. Chomsky on Libya....
  73. Poor US Citizens Barter Their Way to Health
  74. Governor Christie Owns 'Occupy' Fleabaggers Jersey-Style
  75. Will the most liberal person running for President win NH?
  76. Denver Broncos to introduce new style offense formation....
  77. Derision or Diversion?
  78. God is for Idiots
  79. Hmmm...Think I'll Bomb Florida !
  80. Old Boys like Santorum Want To Control Women
  81. Iranian President Visits Venezuela
  82. Relatives Accused in Witchcraft Killing
  83. New Chief of Staff: Former Hedge Fund Exec. at Citigroup, Made Money of Mortgage Defa
  84. Dan Rather: Obama loses if election was today
  85. Iran Sentences American to Death in CIA Case
  86. Conservative Tony Blankley dies...
  87. DCJ's Atheists share the same mindset as their Leftwing heroes - Lenin & Josef Stalin
  88. Chris Christie responds to protester with gibberish, Republicans swoon
  89. Obama's Defense Cuts Revealed
  90. Poll: Americans, 2-1, Fear Obama's Reelection
  91. Romney...i like to fire people
  92. I need a date...
  93. Republican Gov pardons killers. Families outraged
  94. Tebow and John 3:16
  95. The Next American Revolution Won't Be Like the First
  97. Residents of Belle Glade FL Ask For Martial Law Because of Violence In The City
  98. “The Zionization of American politics and how it Could Be Terminated”
  99. Israeli parliament debate turns ugly as politician throws water over colleague
  100. 3rd incidence in 2 weeks, another Afghan soldier opens fire, kills American soldier
  101. USSC Justices ‘Blast’ EPA for Telling Couple They Can’t Build on "Wetland"
  102. Kodak and the Post Office
  103. Leftism Makes You Meaner
  104. Furor in Greece over pedophilia as a disability
  105. Geraldo: You should not be a parent unless licensed by the Government
  106. Unlike Ronald Reagan Obama Doesn’t Use Government Hiring To Create Jobs
  108. Americans Fear Obama’s Reelection By 2-1 Margin
  109. When Will the $5.00 a Gallon Threads Start?
  110. "The Obama's" ( tidbits)
  111. Rush Limbaugh Is Outraged That The Obamas Are Living Like Entitled White People
  113. Israeli bill would outlaw comparisons to Nazis
  114. Progressives for Ron Paul
  115. Fox News zings CNN and MSNBC on holiday card, just like last year
  116. 19,000 U.S. Soldiers Raped Every Year, Men & Women
  117. Dominionist Prophecy
  118. OCT 2011 - abduction of children by witch doctors for the purpose of child sacrifice
  119. 5 Ridiculous Things You Probably Believe About Islam
  120. Wow CBS, how much more blatant can you be with your Ron Paul blackout?
  121. Former Hostage Speaks Out About Iran
  122. Repukes keep touting 'businessman' cred as ultimate presidential qualification...?
  123. Exodus International Leader Finally Admits Ex-Gay Therapy is Fraudulent
  124. When did you decide not to believe?
  125. Nigerian Gov't turns Carrot into Stick - yanks fuel welfare - petrol prices double
  126. Justice....Arkansas Style....!!!
  127. Romney wins New Hampshire
  128. Mitt Romney - US is the toughest kid on the block
  129. Conservative Democrats- Are you fucking Kidding Me?
  130. China thanks USA for Iran sanctions- "our oil just got cheaper"...
  131. Repub enthusiasm down 40%
  132. Ron Paul To Everyone But Mitt: Drop Out
  133. Cantor gets it right on "60 Minutes" interview
  134. The Future of the Obama Coalition/dem party will abandon the white working class???
  135. Do you like fake boobies?
  136. Conservatives should thank Stephanopoulos!
  137. Guns make Americans more, or less civilized??
  138. Iran offers nuclear technology to friendly African nations
  139. Speaker O’Neal apologizes for forwarding email that calls Michelle Obama “Mrs. YoMama
  140. Man jailed for racist internet post
  141. BIRTHER ALERT- Romney's father is Mexican
  142. OWS protesters allowed back into Zuccotti Park-Newt~‘blocking’ my free speech
  143. Five Muslim men go on trial in UK for anti-gay flyers
  144. Throw a Tim Tebow Party
  145. Brietbart - Only Obama can beat Obama
  146. If Tebow was Gay???
  147. When did it become PC to ridicule an athlete over his religion?
  148. How Ron Paul's ideas changed her thoughts on the role of government.
  149. Hidden Expenses Associated With Wind Farming Cancels Out ‘Green’ Benefits
  150. White House Chief of Staff William Daley resigns
  151. US Rescues Crew of 2nd Iranian Vessel
  152. Russians Express Concern over Iranian Uranium Enrichment
  153. Palestinian UN Membership
  154. Thanks again GOP Vulture Capitalism -Nearly 1/3 of middle class see downward mobility
  155. north carolina sterilization, finally compensation!!
  156. US ends longest lull in drone strikes over Pakistan. Why now?
  157. Another Iranian nuclear scientist murdered: part of 'covert war'?
  158. How Mitt Romney's GOP foes are doing Obama's work for him (+video)
  159. Survey: U.S. Protestant pastors reject evolution, split on Earth's age
  160. The Coffee Party?
  161. Let's get a head start on Romney bashing-in earnest
  162. Shit Republican Candidates Say
  163. Guantánamo at 10: The Defeat of Liberty by Fear
  164. Gwinnett schools investigate controversial math problems
  165. Just Another ObamaLIE
  166. "Give The Middle Class A Fighting Chance"
  167. Fed Appeals court---Oklahoma can't enforce Sharia Law Ban
  168. Jonah and the whale
  169. Michelle Obama says people have inaccurately cast her as an "angry black woman"
  170. Obama's NLRB guy is a CORRUPT unions attorney
  171. Nude guy climbs a church and smears his shit all over the cross!
  172. "The US is driving the world to a nuclear war"
  173. Belafonte on Obama: He Doesn’t Deserve a Second Term, Lacks ‘Moral Compass’
  174. Why do we elect one man/person to lead the country in a direction they want????
  175. Haley Barbour to Mississippi.... FUCK YOU!!!
  176. Cop killing in Arizona connected to Fast and Furious?
  177. The Tim Tebow Foundation/Childrens Hospital
  178. Vulture Capitalism .Richyrich Romney loves it
  179. The Case for Hyperinflation in the US
  181. Israeli Terrorist Execute 13 year old palestinian girl
  182. Ohio Peace Officer Drafts NDAA Letter For Police And Sheriffs
  183. "..'Pointing out INCOME INEQUALITY...we just being ENVIOUS?'--yours truly, Mitt.."
  184. Left handed presidents....does this mean I'm president material?
  185. Jews
  186. Bud and Lou Discuss the Obama Stimulus Plan
  187. In New Hampshire Dead Democrats Get to Vote
  188. Court Upholds Ultrasound Requirement in Texas
  189. DNC Chair still blaming tea party for AZ shooting of Giffords
  190. Occupy Wall Street Crowd Blind to Benefits of Capitalism
  191. EPA Penalizes Refiners For Failing to Use Fuel That ‘Does Not Exist’
  192. The Perfect Obama 2012 Yard Sign
  193. Barricades Come Down at Zuccotti Park, Protesters Re-Occupy
  194. Why Do Republicans Hate Poor, Hungry People?
  195. Miss. judge blocks release of 21 convicts Barbour pardoned
  196. Poll: Tim Tebow is America's Favorite Active Pro-Athlete
  197. The corptocracy ( an ex.)
  198. "because I'm black"
  199. Poll: 97% Of America Doesn't Choose Tim Tebow In 'Favorite Athlete' Poll
  200. It appears that U.S. Marines Urinate on Taliban Corpses
  201. US retail sales fail to hit forecasts (jobless claims up)
  202. Why do we have perpetual wars?
  203. Rush Limbaugh Ratings Tumble
  204. Why Government Can't Save Us
  205. Forget that liar Murdoch - now NYT wondering if they should report the truth???
  206. Ron Paul's Iowa State Director Dedicated His Career to Fighting 'Evil' Gay Rights | R
  207. EBT Nation-Since the Summer of 2009, 14 Million+ Americans Added to Food Stamps Rolls
  208. Board glitch.........
  209. Could you switch political philosophy for a day & what would the results be??
  210. NIE: "stalemate in AfPak" gov't "not able to survive"
  211. The Great RED WINE Hoax - University Dr con artist falsified data - Thanks Al Gorians
  212. Not to be overly dramatic, but Newtie better watch those private planes
  213. Confederate flag South Carolina
  214. Who's going to win the South Carolina Primary?
  215. Chinese Workers at Xbox Factory Threaten To Commit Mass Suicide
  216. Republicans Ask Court to Allow For Unlimited Corporate Donations to Campaigns
  217. Well..... does he or doesn't he????
  218. The End of Porn in America? Ask the GOP!
  219. Russian Ship Finally Reaches Syria !!!
  220. GOP Vulture Capitalists blocking Wall Street reform, what a shocker
  221. U.S. jobless claims rise sharply to 6-week high
  222. Looks like the baggers got bagged - Willard Gekko = your 2010 'Revolution'???
  223. Rand Paul returns $500K in office budget to Treasury
  224. Record Jan. Jobless Claims Always Occur Under Republican Administrations
  225. Romney Moves Ahead, Rails Against 'Social Welfare State'
  226. Obamas unemployment record speaks for itself.
  227. Obama brought "Chicago Way" to DC and you're suprised?
  228. Obama, Vodka and $1B....
  229. MAJOR offensive on Gekko and Bain Vulture Capital underway!!!
  230. Stocks love Obama hated Bush
  231. Ron Paul /Gary Johnson/ libertarianism
  232. Anything Obama has done is overshadowed by this
  233. Why won't Romney release his tax returns?
  234. Newt called Romney a vulture capitalist and a liar
  235. Interesting Lawsuit
  236. What, no droolers defending their hero Boss Hawg Barbour for FREEING MURDERERS???
  237. FOX News Tebow hate displayed coming up in about 3 mintues..
  238. Why are republicans debating the merits of capitalism?
  239. Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus || Spoken Word
  240. We Have In This Country Confused The War Paradigm & The Law Enforcement Paradigm
  241. U.S. Debt Nears $15.194 Trillion Ceiling.
  242. A New Reserve Currency to Challenge the Dollar
  243. POLL: 43% of People are Fucking Idiots
  244. Did you hear the one about the bond market?
  245. US seeking to 'close down' Iran central bank
  246. When do you think, if ever, Americans will be smart enough for the metric system??
  248. New York Times Reporting Stephen Colbert May Be Running For President
  249. "All Wars End & They Usually End Through A Process A little Bit Like This"
  250. Another act of Israeli terrorism on the way to all-out war with Iran