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  1. NPR Glenn Beck analysis finds deceptive editing in sting tape
  2. Wiki leaks & obama's government transparency??
  3. The Billionaire Boys Club should keep their free ride
  4. Nearly half of signatures collected for recall of Wisconsin GOP state senators
  5. Don't you HATE it when this happens ??
  6. Surtax on Millionaires?
  7. Praise Romney!
  8. A New Low
  9. Thank you Glenn Beck!
  10. How is Barack Hussein Obama doing?
  11. Class Warfare, by the numbers
  12. Virgil Peck, R-Kansas wants to shoot human beings from hellicopters
  13. Why is there no looting in Japan?
  14. Weekly Standard on Quitta from Wasila - “She’s becoming Al Sharpton, Alaska edition.”
  15. Rush Limbaugh: ‘The Media Wants A Disaster In Japan’
  16. Mother Natures fury on display
  17. Newty finds jeebus
  18. Looks like a presidential election is brewing
  19. Dems used anti-war ppl to be anti-bush-now war is good again
  20. Clinton on Obama's energy policy.....
  21. Democratic Md. governor faces public union at rally.
  22. Cannot WAIT for the GOP Primary Race!!!!
  23. Screw the Japanese nuke crisis
  24. twenty five percent of Republicans are morons
  25. Libertarians
  26. Food Prices Highest Since 1974
  27. Reverend Wrong - Pulpit of Hate 2011
  28. The Secretly Horrifying Implications of AT&Ts Bandwidth Caps
  29. Swipe fees . Here they come!
  30. Limbaugh - Class Act to the End
  31. Obama the invisible Anti-leadership amid world crises
  32. Every Single GOBP'er On House Energy Cmte Won't Say Climate Change Is Real
  33. Class Warfare, the Final Chapter
  34. Missouri lawmakers propose ban on Islamic law
  35. 11 Metro Areas Where the Jobs Recovery Has Failed
  36. Today's "Conservative Movement" in total Shambles - beyond redemption.
  37. To boldly go where the Russians will take us
  38. Would a no fly zone make a difference??
  39. Hillary Clinton Denies Paying "Blood Money" To Pakistan To Buy Release Of CIA shooter
  40. Attn snot walker-Successful Miami Recall Fueled by Money Public Discontent
  41. Should Obama be held to his word ME democracy, picket lines etc??
  42. American Hikers In Iran...
  43. Absurd: Zero GOPers on Energy Cmte. Acknowledge Climate Change
  44. For Those With Vaginas
  45. My view: Inflation
  46. Koch Brothers and US Chamber: Polluting Our Earth and Our Democracies
  47. Radiation "Plume" Will Probably Reach US Coast
  48. Poster you would nominate for President in 2012
  49. Trouble's a brewin in riiiiight wing utopia...
  50. Windows at Washington, D.C. Republican Office Shot Out
  51. We Want a Girl-Just Like the Girl...
  53. Capitol Protester found armed with weapon
  54. Low hanging fruit in Wisconsin recall effort
  55. The Biggest Loser: Barraquitter trails Charlie Sheen among independents!!
  56. Michigan Dems charged in fake Tea Party scheme
  57. Libya would target all air and maritime traffic in Mediterranean if foreign intervent
  58. Ya gotta love red state Repubs... ya don't even hafta try to make 'em look stupid....
  59. "Somebody needs to say it..."
  60. When Republicans win Children lose
  61. Libya No-Fly Zone Approved By U.N. Security Council
  62. What POLITICAL time and financial contributions do you make to your country?
  63. How many hours is 72 hours?
  64. Haiti's Aristide heads home, despite US pressure
  65. House repukes vote to murder Bert and Ernie
  66. US Military sock puppets- creates fake online ID's to spread pro-American propaganda
  67. Yet another bill from the riiight that will create scores of jobs
  68. "It's not for the children"
  69. Texas The Deep Red Bankrupt State
  70. Rep. Kathleen Passidomo (R-Florida): That 11 year old girl was askin' for it...
  71. The GOP sounds alot like the Taliban
  72. Her looks are gone but she keeps putting out the hits.
  73. American Taliban stones 70 yr old to death per instructions from the Bible
  74. Poll Shows Health Care Law Quite Popular
  75. Frances Fox Piven and Cornel West: Debt, Austerity and How to Fight Back
  76. Wisconsin Republican’s Mistress Hired as State Employee
  77. It's going to be a redneck Christmas
  78. Anne Coulter "RAdiation is good for you"
  79. What volunteer time & donations do you make for your favorite charity organizations?
  80. What do YOU think he should do?
  81. Obama Budget Underestimates Deficits by $2 Trillion
  82. I wonder why they feel that way...
  83. Helen Thomas to Playboy: White House in pockets of the Israeli lobbies
  84. Arizona's Immigration bills voted down
  85. Japan, Libia in Huge trouble, Obama on Vacation
  86. 25 Blasphemous Quotes
  87. Chaiman Mao Walkers karma catching up with him
  88. Gay Scientists Isolate The Christian Gene!
  89. Libyan Leader Qaddafi Threatens Attacks as U.S., Allies Carry Out Military Strikes
  90. CEO Pay up again
  91. Obama: U.S. on track to double exports
  92. Should the GOP at least appear to try to creat jobs and boost the economy?
  93. Teabagger dickhead Fla "governor" Rick Scumm booed at exhibition baseball game....
  94. Real American withdrawing from UCLA
  96. When did Libya attack the US? Did I miss something?
  97. Let's talk about Bullies....
  98. As U.S. Strikes Libya Michael Moore Says Obama Should Return Nobel Peace Prize
  99. Should the USA be involved in the "No Fly" Zone in Libya?
  100. Anti war liberal?
  101. Appearently cutting $6 billion out of a $3.8 TRILLION budget = rape.
  102. The Affordable Care Act, (Obamacare) was signed a year ago today, March 20, 2010!
  103. Republican plan to end federal program would hurt Nevada and the nation
  104. Russia, China and Arab League condemn Libya attacks‎
  105. KKK not intimidating as they used to be
  106. Pakistan pulls out of talks with U.S. on Afghan war
  107. Anti-war groups protest against anti-Gaddafi air strikes
  108. US Army 'kill team' in Afghanistan posed with photos of murdered civilians
  109. Top Ten American War Criminals Living Freely Today
  110. Nader: Obama should be impeached for 'war crimes'
  111. Boehner says Obama must explain Libya mission
  112. If it was bush attacking Lybia instead of Obama??
  113. Barack Obama Gets in Touch With His Inner Neocon - Huffington Post
  114. Looking to ban Menthol smokes
  115. Full Face Transplant Made Possible By Health Care Law
  116. Obama in 2007
  117. *40%* of General Motors is still owned by the U. S. Treasury. Do you care?
  118. Cut NPR, then cut Armed Services Radio too
  119. Even the thieves in Texas are idiots
  121. Huffington Post Reviews Zeitgeist Day 2010
  122. New York Times Reviews Zeitgeist Day 2009
  123. Fox Caught Lying About "Human Shields" Claim
  124. Winning! Crazy Charlie To Get His Job Back?
  125. 6 Sadistic State Laws Conservatives Are Trying to Ram Through
  126. The Reichpublicans have gone totally power mad.
  127. Revealed - The Left's Economic Terrorism Playbook
  128. US Approaching Insolvency, Fix To Be 'Painful': Fisher
  129. Judge places California's global warming program on hold
  130. BREAKING: Obama’s Abu Ghraib: The Stuff Hits the Fan
  131. John Bolton : We should have invaded Libya
  132. Republican state shoving their sewage into Democratic state
  133. Aflac
  134. World penis map
  135. What is the new world order, who runs it & whats in it for us??
  136. Kucinich: Libya action 'impeachable'
  137. Libya Body Count
  138. No country socks the rich with taxes more than the US
  139. Obama Yesterday: Gaddafi Must Go… Obama Today: Gaddafi Can Stay
  140. Michelle Bachmann, a Socialist
  141. Michigan challenge to Plymouth Rock
  142. Republicans go off the deep end: 3/4ths of Senate GOP Doesn't Believe in Science
  143. Teabaggers on the Skids - Tampa Confab goes bust as WI Patriots keep rolling
  144. Another Republican LIE making it's way around the internet like a social disease.....
  145. Biden in 2007
  146. TIME Claims Obama Exaggerating Atrocities in Libya to Justify War …
  147. Judge orders use of Islamic law in Tampa lawsuit over mosque leadership
  148. Guess Who in the U.S. Really Pays the Taxes. You will be very surprised.
  149. The Right to sue over wiretapping
  150. Conservative vs. liberal. I hope you remember to smile!
  151. Boehner: First strike OK, but Obama must consult us
  152. If nothing else, it's a damned good question...
  153. A conservatives economic model
  154. Teabaggin WI Gov chasing busine$$ away - what a shocker
  155. A bright little girl joins the Republican Party!
  156. Fight of the ValkyriesBy
  157. Supreme Court rules in favor of workers
  158. Obama's Wilsonian Madness. We’ve started a war we won’t know how to end.
  159. Joe Biden offers specific answers to questions on Obamacare, (automated software).
  160. Breaking: Another Gulf Oil Spill
  161. Unreported Soros Event Aims to Remake Entire Global Economy
  162. Media Matters boot camp readies liberal policy wonks for the camera’s close-up
  163. Watch this video quickly before it is censored
  164. From Memphis to Madison: The April 4 Stand For Economic Justice
  165. Hypocrite Gingrich reverses stand on Libya
  166. US role in Libya costs hundreds of millions so far
  167. Should they take away obama's Nobel Peace Prize ?
  168. Moutain Top Removal, destroying Appalachia
  169. Obama 2d Term looking better than ever - Bagger Queen hops aboard GOBP Clown Car
  170. France calls out saudi Arabia, sorta
  171. Tea Party Group Plans Protest Over Disappointment With House Republicans
  172. Barry Bonds~Roids on trial..
  173. We’re fighting War Lite, without leadership or goals
  174. Trump: Obama Must Release Birth Certificate
  175. Welcome to libertarian paradise
  176. Welcome to Communist (aka liberal) paradise
  177. Don't worry the Federal government is here to protect us...
  178. Somalia PM Asks Obama To Invade His Country
  179. If there were no Rs and Ds next to names in the news?
  180. What have Unions ever done for us?
  181. Ohio Repukes wasting taxpayer bucks playing gotcha
  182. Even more petty taxpayer money wasting repuke actions
  183. Co-Founder Of the Libertarian Party Denounces Beck and Palin
  184. Naomi Klein - The Shock Doctrine
  185. Chairman Mao Walker creates jobs...in Cali.
  186. Gov. Rick Scott Orders Random Drug Testing of State Employees
  187. Westboro Church to protest Elizabeth Taylor's Funeral
  188. Bad News for Republicans
  189. Democrats not celebrating health care milestone
  190. Republican J Davis- deport Latino farmworkers bus urban African Americans to farms
  191. Led into WAR by a President that can't be trusted
  192. NATO takes command of part of Libya operation
  193. Ohio's Governor Moves Against Unions. The reform goes further than Wisconsin's.
  194. Republicans want to return to these days of labor
  195. March Madness of Corporate Greed - while the water carriers whine about Corp Taxes!
  196. Paul, Kucinich Seek to Defund “Impeachable” War on Libya
  197. WAR- democrats whine, do nothing, GOP acts to defund
  198. Indiana Prosecutor Resigns Over Wisconsin E Mail
  199. Koch, Walmart, Blackwater, Amway. The fascist faces revealed.
  200. How should Obama have handled Libya?
  201. GOBP Prostitues leading US down EUROPEAN path to Economic Doom
  202. The classic government "make work" project.
  203. Syrian Troops Fire on Protesters as Thousands Rally
  204. Obama: No U.S. Forces on the Ground in Libya . . . Except for Those Guys.
  205. What a Weiner
  206. What happens to doctors who think outside the box?
  207. Mooslims Stomp Effigy of Obama
  208. Conservative Wealth Killers
  209. Kieth Olbermann Returns
  210. Socialism: A failed economic system that often leaves destitute the people who must l
  211. 'Birthing tourism' center in San Gabriel shut down
  212. Senate panel OKs bill to flatten Ariz. income tax
  213. No big surprise. It's about what I expect from Vermont.
  214. Another Glenn Beck Thread
  215. 2010 Census results on minorities in America are out. Very interesting NBC utube.
  216. Union Dues Reform Bill Passes Florida House
  217. When States Stop Being Union Bosses’ Dues Collection Agencies
  218. Gaddafi Sends Letter to ‘Our Son’ Obama
  219. Caterpillar CEO's letter talks of leaving Illinois
  220. Wisconsin Union Law Published Despite Court Order
  221. The Corporate Piggy Bank=The U.S. Treasury and YOUR Money (W Video)
  222. Gallup: Huckabee in the lead for GOP Primary
  223. Why Are We Fighting for the "Rebels" in Libya?
  224. What's So Great About European Socialism?
  225. US on FastTrack to 3d World Status - Fed: Household wealth plummets 23% in two years
  226. Repigs hide like cowards from their HC
  227. Another financial crash soon?
  228. China rare earth prices explode as export volumes collapse
  229. U.S. Hispanic population tops 50 million
  230. Anarchists trash London as unions demonstrate
  231. So exactly what countries are socialist, Marxist and communist?
  232. Joe Biden's people keep reporter in closet during fundraiser
  233. GOP presidential hopefuls hammer health care
  234. First official GOP candidate for 2012 is gay and doesn’t care for Sarah Palin
  235. A lesson in Civics for the idiots in Arizona state government
  236. Weiner, The Loud Mouth For "Obamacare" Now Wants a Waiver From Obamacare
  237. Germany is taking bold steps forward...
  238. An Actual Craigs List Ad
  239. Media Matters' war against Fox (SOROS vs Murdoch)
  240. Do you own a passport?
  241. Religion linked to obesity
  242. Ahhh, yes the Fed
  243. Newsweek gave 1,000 Americans the citizehship test. 38% FAILED!
  244. Florida's loss Massachusetts gain?
  245. $1.7 Billion Medical Marijuana Market to Rival Viagra Sales This Year
  246. Not anti American, we Just hate America
  247. Not pro American..We just love America
  248. What have the tax and spend Democrats done to Detroit?
  249. Do you pay more taxes than GE? tax due $0
  250. Chinese pay $1,000's to give birth in US so their kids automatically get citizenship