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  1. The Rage was never about healthcare
  2. Those bailouts you complained about
  3. Obama Advisor Al Sharpton Slips And Says United States Voted Socialism: Video
  4. Iran building additional enrichment sites
  5. The Civil War History of Obamacare
  6. 327 House members tell Obama to make U-turn on US-Israeli relations
  7. Barack Obama Explains Exactly What The Health Care Bill Will Do Over Time - Video
  8. Obama - the Final Cylon
  9. MSNBC Is Caught Lying About Racism With Obama: Video
  10. Call for Special Prosecutor to investigate White House on Sestak bribery claim
  11. Most Say Tea Party Has Better Understanding of Issues than Congress
  12. How the Left Fakes the Hate: A Primer
  13. Children and parents are not first in most school systems
  14. Democrats threaten companies hit hard by health care bill
  15. Obama gives recess appointment to radical labor lawyer Senate rejected
  16. Obama slights our friends, kowtows to our enemies
  17. Stossel For Ending Drug Prohibition and Legalization of Prostitution
  18. Review: lllegals increasingly charged in violent crimes
  19. Islamist Gülen Movement Runs U.S. Charter Schools
  20. The next move of the Alinsky left
  21. Update on Militia Arrests (Hutaree)
  22. Obama is on the way to creating two SUPER classes of people!
  23. Ant-Semitic Moonbat Arrested for Cantor Death Threat
  24. Brick Hurled Through GOP Office Window in Michigan
  25. Study: Just 13% of Voters Are Tea Baggers – And Their Anti- Establishment Rage Fails
  26. Complete List (huge) of Obama Statement and Expiration Dates
  27. Caucasus Islamists show Moscow, Obama zombies what real terrorism is
  28. RNC spent nearly $2,000 at strip club
  29. History according to Texas
  30. Video: Liberal attacks and threats in Nevada
  31. What thrills the Left will scare away the center
  32. TN Rams car over Obama sticker
  33. If they can force us to buy insurance .........
  34. Is this healthcare thing constitutional?
  35. Busted! Sharpton caught lying about "N" word at protest
  36. Senate panel passes Cybersecurity Act with revised "kill switch" language
  37. Listen To The Panther
  38. Leftism, the Religion
  39. Help! Prostitutes Have Taken Over TV News
  40. Targeted for a hate crime
  41. South Korea and Taiwan on military alert after naval vessel sunk
  42. Dems fear honest Obamacare accounting
  43. The question the media keeps forgetting to ask
  44. Report Says Shortage Of Doctors Now And In future Long Lines Rationing Of Care
  45. Obama losing popularity overseas by dissing allies
  46. FOX News presents fake story as real News
  47. the Death of Ath*ism - Scientific *PROOF* of God
  48. What Do Real Socialists Say About Obama’s Health Care “Reform”?
  49. What do you gain form beign divisive?
  50. The Shock of Barack
  51. Iran Nuclear Scientist Defects to U.S. In CIA 'Intelligence Coup'
  52. Obama to back offshore drilling
  53. Romneycare, Hillarycare, Obamacare?
  54. The banks student loan gravy train halted
  55. Suicide bombers kill 12 more in Russia
  56. I am not a Bill O fan but.........
  58. FOX News faking it again
  59. Get your free Barack Obama commemorative health care reform certificate today!
  60. CNN lost “almost half” of their viewers in the last year
  61. United States of Argentina
  62. Federal Judge Finds N.S.A. Wiretapping Program Illegal
  63. China supports Barack Obama's call for new Iran sanctions
  64. U.S. Attorney Files Lawsuit Against Pope
  65. A trip down memory lane
  66. Rainbows and Unicorns
  67. Obamacare's Prescription for Disaster
  68. US Navy nabs pirate suspects after firefight near Seychelles
  69. Why Is Incompetence Like This Ignored?
  70. Election Theft Underway in Wisconsin
  71. MLK: A Call to Conscience
  72. The sign that typifies the Tea Partiers
  73. Boeing: Health Care Reform Will Cost Them $150 Million
  74. Doctor tells Obama supporters: Go elsewhere for health care
  75. New Age Medicine
  76. Hazardous and Outlawed: Texting While Driving a Commercial Truck or Bus
  77. What do you think about Financial Reform?
  78. GOP, Dem websites reflect glaring differences in the parties
  79. About those 16,500 New IRS Agents...
  80. A muted cheer for Obama on energy
  81. Poll: Majority says Dem health care tactics an 'abuse of power'
  82. FOX News in Nielson ratings fraud?
  83. Highest month for job gains in 3 years.
  84. Quote of the week
  85. Guns: tea party vs black panther party???
  86. Disgruntled Democrats join the Tea Party
  87. Dr. Tells Republicans-Go Elsewhere !!
  88. Paying the Price for Obama
  89. 1963 Letter Reveals Former Pope Knew of Sexual Abuse
  90. Moonbatf Congressman Files Complaint Against Anti-Obama Doctor
  91. Heaven on Earth: The Rise and Fall of Socialism
  92. Wanna run that by me again ?
  93. Conservatives Changing History
  94. Tax Collecting for Obama’s Welfare State
  95. I just bought a new car.
  96. Democrats raising more campaign cash than GOP
  97. Survey: Four in 10 Tea Party members are Dems or independents
  98. Tea Party 48% Obama 44%
  99. Home country of Kenya
  100. Gasoline, oil break out to 18-month highs
  101. The Empty Vessel President
  102. Free taxpayer money if you are upside down on your mortgage
  103. The takers weigh down the makers
  104. Glenn Harlan Reynolds: Progressives can't get past the Knowledge Problem
  105. EVERYONE READ THIS: Revised rules as of 4/4/10
  106. Stronger jobs, services reports send stocks higher
  108. Shakeup: RNC Chief of Staff resigns
  109. Court slaps down "net neutrality"
  110. Doctor Against Treating Obama Supporters Admits Not Knowing What’s In Health Reform
  111. IRS chief: Buy health insurance or lose your tax refund
  112. Washington Man Arrested : Threats v Senator
  113. Congressman Phil Hare admits he doesn't care about the Constitution
  114. What is a Reagan Republican?
  115. A Black Conservative Reads His Hate Mail
  116. Your Taxes buy Viagra For Sex Offenders.
  117. ObAMACARE - Final Word on Video
  118. Crucifix Not Allowed At Work After 30 Years
  119. Dems dread Supreme Court fight after elections
  120. Black conservative tea party backers take heat
  121. Maxine Waters The Hypocrite
  122. Exxon's Income Tax $0
  123. Trigger happy Apache (video game soldiers)
  124. McClatchy-Ipsos poll, Obama approval 53% and most Americans see Washington as broken
  125. Myth of "deregulation" as the cause of the housing crash continues to bite the dust
  126. Glenn Beck Gets Progressively More Paranoid
  127. CNN salutes the 'colorful smiles' of the tea parties
  128. Coburn threatens to block all spending bills in Senate that aren't 'paid for'
  129. Why didn't we hear about this protest from the media?
  130. Conservative Senator Praises Pelosi, Knocks Fox
  131. Require homelessness before college admission?
  132. Profits before human life
  133. FOX News bogus coverage of ACORN
  134. Greenspan: "It was the sub-prime loans... Congress and HUD"
  135. White House approves assassination of cleric...
  136. David Freddoso: Five things we learned about Obamacare after it passed
  137. And the Republicans bitch about Obama's labor picks?
  138. Confirmed: Obama authorizes assassination of U.S. citizen
  139. 18 states now involved in lawsuit over Health Care bill constitutionality
  140. Qatar "diplomat" tries to ignite shoes on DC-Denver flight
  141. Trickle up government insolvency will set you free
  142. Toyota official: 'We need to come clean'
  143. Police blotter on guy who threatened Pelosi
  144. Obama heads to Prague, to help reconstitute the USSR
  145. Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann draw 11,000 at Minnesota rally
  146. Matthews admits socialism: Democrats Failing To Sell "Advantages Of Social State"
  147. Dems push Liu nomination
  148. Obama slams another door on employment, bans private sector internships
  149. Almost every thread here is just someone copy and pasting someone else's writing
  150. Disaster contiues...obama econony loses more jobs
  151. 55% Say Media Bias Bigger Problem in Politics Than Big Contributions
  152. CBS praises the savior of Africa... George Bush?
  153. Democratic Party Image Drops to Record 18 Year Low
  154. The Party of Eisenhower
  155. Barack Obama is no expert on nukes. He just told us so.
  156. Listen To Hate Filled Voice Message To Congressman John Lewis
  157. Poll: Palin Favorability Low
  158. Reid & Pelosi urged Stupak not to retire, so it was obvious he would retire
  159. Union Memo Hints At Gov.'s Death
  160. Americans not fooled by GOP Spin
  161. Nuclear Posturing, Obama Style
  162. Gingrich: Obama is 'most radical president ever'
  163. MA Governor orders non-profit insurers to sell policies at a loss
  164. Obama will require you to register your home with Federal government
  165. Maine Commission Moves to Ban Gender Specific Bathrooms, Sports Teams in Schools
  166. Fannie and Freddie execs: The government made us do it
  167. Barky Obama, Talking Crap
  168. George W. Bush 'knew Guantánamo prisoners were innocent'
  169. Why is Reagan Considered Fiscally Conservative?
  170. Unhinged Moonbats On Parade
  171. The Great Political War Obama Never Expected
  172. Let's discuss the VAT tax
  173. CrashTheTeaParty.org - dedicated to sabotage of the Tea Party movement
  174. RNC Spends $2,000 on Lesbian Strippers!
  175. Jon Voight's Letter to the American People
  176. Disliked Dems sink to historic low in poll
  177. ACORN, HateNPuff working to Infiltrate Tax Day Tea Parties to Shape Media Coverage
  178. Could Obama someday suspend the US Constitution and Bill of Rights?
  179. U.S. economy is outperforming everybody’s expectations
  180. Iran Announces New, Faster Centrifuges for Uranium Enrichment
  181. Sarkozy Slams Obama, says he might be insane
  182. Climate aid threat to countries that refuse to back Copenhagen accord
  183. CBO report: Debt will rise to 90% of GDP
  184. Obama approval rating hits new low - 44% in CBS Poll
  185. OBAMACARE is not welfare, it is national health care coverage? TRUE - Bill Maher
  186. If you want to know what the left is really all about...
  187. Lieberman thrilled that one of Obamas court nominees would make court less liberal
  188. Prospects for climate deal 'slim'
  189. NY senator fights airline carry-on bag fee
  190. Poland mourns president as plane crash investigation begins
  191. Soros warns Europe of disintegration
  192. More Racist Hate From The Left
  193. Did FDR End the Depression?
  194. The End Game Is Near
  195. Support for Repeal of Health Care Plan Hits New High 58%
  196. The Descent of Liberalism
  197. Amnesty
  198. All 7 Attendees Agree… Belleville Coffee Party a Huge Success
  199. Orwellian Justice System: Spying on Americans Continues Despite Court Order
  200. Interest Rates Have Nowhere to Go but Up
  201. Dow Closes Above 11,000; This Rally Has Ignored Fundamentals, and Will Be Corrected P
  202. 'Little punk staffers' fuming at GOP
  203. As tax day and elections loom, Obama touts tax cuts
  204. Another reason against the death penalty
  205. Our American Catharsis
  206. No Slur Tea Partier caught-red-handed
  207. CNN's "Fox Envy": Details Behind Their Fawning Tea Party Coverage Exposed
  208. Why the South remains Confederate
  209. Scott Brown snubs Sarah Palin, bags Tea Party rally
  210. There must be some good with liberals and some good with conservatives
  211. Health Law Bans New Doctor-Owned Hospitals, Blocks Expansion of Existing Ones
  212. Obamacare backlash sends Democrats to the foxholes
  213. Ruling goes against insurers in Mass.
  214. Sinking Ship: The U.S. Postal Service
  215. Vatican to bishops: Follow law, report sex abuse
  216. What if he really did lie to us?
  217. Government imposed shortages begin - 60 new hospitals won't open
  218. Government spends more, personal incomes go down
  219. Bush Puts Kibosh On Doctor Owned Hospitals
  220. Medical Schools Can't Keep Up
  221. How much more will the non sheep take?
  222. Get used to incivility
  223. Incredible interview with NJ Gov Christie on MSNBC
  224. Obamacare has no provisions to stop premium increases.
  225. You Say You Want a Revolution
  226. Absolutely Fabulists: Liberal Mythmaking
  227. Recession over? Economists panel isn't sure yet
  228. 24% now say they consider themselves tea partiers
  229. It's official, Obama's health care plan socks it to the middle class
  230. If the presidential election were held today...
  231. 60 Hospitals Cancelled Due to Implementation of New Health Care Bill
  232. The Endless Silly Optimism of Obama Supporters
  233. Huckabee likens gay marriage to incest, polygamy
  234. First Referendum on Healthcare goes to Democrats
  235. Un-informed Limbaugh blames Unions for disaster
  236. Budget Deficit Declines
  237. O'Reilly gets it, why doesn't the left?
  238. More Right Wing lies swallowed by Media
  239. More death wishes from the left. This time courtesy of Olbermann
  240. More from the supposed party of fiscal restraint!
  241. John Cleese explains extremism
  242. How bad has it gotten for Obama... This bad
  243. Bad news for Republicans
  244. Again, a demonstration of who are out of touch with main stream America
  245. How pathetic are liberals? Here's your answer.
  246. Sen. Dodd blasts Republican leader for lying about his bill
  247. Practical Action to Stop Government Overspending
  248. 13 to 16 thousand Tea Partiers rally in the belly of the beast
  249. Democrats cut Pork
  250. New Hampshire Dems Scrambling to Deploy Tea Party "Racists"