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  1. Small Business owner with legitimate concerns and ideas ignored by representative
  2. Saudi prince urges U.S. to recognize oil dependency
  3. Dan Savage: Bachmann trying to get Obama killed
  4. Appeals court rules against Ashcroft in 9/11 case
  5. Opening statement of Mr. Rogers, MI, on healthcare bill.
  6. Morton Downey Jr. show flashback
  7. People explode in anger at healthcare meeting.
  8. Obama Promised 600,000 Jobs This Summer--
  10. Will Obama See Afghanistan's Children As He Does His Own?
  11. Dinner with Palin part of celebrity auction; opening bid is $25,000
  12. Going Viral for Health Care
  14. Green Jobs Czar Van Jones Resigns
  15. This fear and paranoia being spread around...
  16. The THREE Republican Health Care Bills the media is not reporting on
  17. GOP Renews Criticism of White House Czars
  18. Tort reform - 2 sides of the story
  19. ABC Spends ONE WHOLE MINUTE On the Van Jones Resignation--
  20. Proposal to Congress to adopt the people's healthcare plan for THEMSELVES.
  21. With Jones gone, who is the next czar to fall?
  23. Michael Moore declares all-out war on capitalism
  24. Accuracy In Media .org - "Is Obama's Science Czar a Crackpot?"
  25. FCC Media Diversity Officer praising Chavez Revolution - video
  26. Transcript of Obama's speech to school kids...
  27. With Van Jones gone who is the next "radical" to demonize!?
  28. Should We Discuss And Learn From The Past?
  29. Medicare; a public plan with peivate options
  30. Czars are not vetted at all
  31. Russian Professor: Collapse of America could being in two months
  32. Citing Fraud, Panel Orders Partial Afghan Vote Recount
  33. Pakistani Taliban attack Shiite children
  34. Credit card companies increase all prices
  35. When Bush spoke to students, Democrats investigated,held hearings
  36. Iran will present proposals to nuclear group on Wednesday
  37. Laura Bush, Newt Gingrich endorse Obama's school talk to kids
  38. So how many conservatives kept their kids out of schooll today?
  39. So how many conservatives have ever gone to school?
  40. Fed: consumers cut debt by record $21.6B in July
  41. Obama's Plan to Desecrate 9/11
  42. Swiss topple U.S. as most competitive economy: WEF
  43. Imposing fines for not buying mandatory insurance?
  44. Crying Racism
  45. So What Was Obama's Original Speech?
  46. Kids Didn't Hear Obama, But Will be Bussed for Bush
  47. 'Inside the Mind of Mark Foley': Disgraced Congressman Turned Talk Radio Host
  48. The country is ready to improve its healthcare system
  49. So if this is Obama's fault, exactly WHAT can be blamed on Bush?
  51. Talk About "Fear Mongering"
  52. Pacific Care DEATH PANELs Denied 40% of Claims
  53. Health Insurance Profits EXPLODE by 400% in past 8 Years
  54. Obama doesn't get it
  55. Wall Street Gamblers Now Betting You Will Die.
  56. Obama Heckled by GOP During Speech to Congress
  57. Rob Miller - get to know him!
  58. Obama wins with speech
  59. Pimpin' For ACORN
  60. Energy Co Hooker-Lobbyist Loses GOP Lawmaker his job, After he's Caught Bragging
  61. ANOTHER LIE. White House reports 1 million jobs saved, created
  62. Taking in bed w/ robbyist to the next level..
  63. Rep. Joe "You lie" Wilson's opponent raises over $100,000 since Obama's speech
  64. Hundreds of thousands lose healthcare
  65. If my livilhood is not protected why should I worry about the insurance ppl??
  66. Front & Center... Guess Which Hopey-Changer Interrupted Bush's Speech in 2006?
  67. Obama: I used to say 47 million uninsured. Now, it's 30 million.
  68. Obama picks a fight with talk radio - and loses
  69. The convenient fantasies of President Obama
  70. U.S. rejects Iran's proposal for talks
  71. Conservative polling finds Obama's numbers up
  72. Second ACORN office in DC on video for helping give prostitution advice
  73. Vladimir Putin signals plan to reclaim old job as Russian president
  74. U.S. court dismisses Iraqi contractor torture case
  75. Miller now over $500,00
  76. Joe Wilson Was Right-- Obamacare Will Cover Illegal Immigrants
  77. Ex-Powell chief on Cheney: 'The man is now just crazy'
  78. Census Bureau severs all ties with ACORN
  79. Secret White House Plan to harvest personal data from social networking websites
  80. CNN providing continuing coverage of tens of thousands in DC Tea Party protest today
  81. Here is my sermon, why I hate Barack Obama
  82. Here Is The People Writing The Health Care Bill - Video
  83. Looks like America is finally waking up...
  84. A Clinton/North Korea Redux?
  85. WH Econ Adviser: High Unemployment for Years to Come
  86. The sky is falling we should of voted for McSame..LMAO
  87. SC's Wilson Rakes In $1M in 48 Hours...
  88. Million Moron March Huge Success!
  89. Blue Dogs dig in as influential bloc in health care debate
  90. DNC withdraws 'false' and 'misleading' ad accusing GOP of plotting to kill Medicare
  91. Earth to Barry ...
  92. U.S. Penalizes Chinese Tires, Infuriating Beijing
  93. Sure looks like a medium Anti Obama rally to me
  94. Anti-Abortion protester and another murdered by offended gunman
  95. What modern conservatism has been about for years now....
  96. MSNBC, Thy Name is Racist
  97. Dems downplay P.Opt.
  98. No American Should Have to Choose Between Health Insurance and Getting Drunk
  99. John Holdren Obama's Science Czar Forced abortions & mass sterilization to save plane
  100. Third ACORN office in New York caught in helping in prostitution and money-laundering
  101. Revolution
  102. What exactly is the problem? Racism? Or those defending their actions?
  103. Glenn Beck's '9-12' logo based on communist and socialist designs
  104. Obama "Team Healthcare"
  105. Sometimes you feel like a nut.....
  106. DC Tea Party-Fake Image EXPOSED!!!!
  107. Remember when.......
  108. Healthcare Reform is More Corporate Welfare
  109. POLITICO: So Far, Obama's Failing Miserably
  110. Beating on Video - Where's Al Sharpton and the NAACP
  111. Medical tort "reform"; a method to punish the victims.
  112. Obama owns all the problems now, but...
  113. Joe Wilson - Speaker of the House in 2010
  114. Big money of the Vested Interests: Might Trumps Merits
  115. Obama can't even learn from his own mistakes!
  116. Sick in America
  117. Physician Views on the Public Health Insurance Option and Medicare Expansions
  118. What Has Joe Wilson Done for SC?
  119. Tax Credits
  120. Less Time Than it Takes to Have a Baby
  121. To Bill Cosby: Are these thetalking points you were talking about....
  122. Past Predictions
  123. Fast Flip by Google
  124. Why You Shouldn't Spank Very Young Children
  125. Do You Have the Right to Flip Off a Cop?
  126. OK , I have to commend Barack Obama on this one
  127. Another Birther Aborted
  128. Is healthcare & education cheaper than incarceration???
  129. Judge tosses out Army captain's complaint questioning president's birth
  130. FBI Elite Paramilitary units raid Al-Qaeda Cells in NYC planning to bomb subways
  131. Obama suckig up to Russians for what?
  132. Yes, The Economy Does Better UNder Democrats
  133. Dems Jumping Ship Like Rats -
  134. House takes Student Lending Out of Hands of Vicious Profiteers & $aves Too!
  135. Obama says No to SDI Money Toilet in Czech Republic
  136. Congress Hiding Whoring with Lobbyists for Money
  137. Corporations LOVE Baucus's Bucketful of Corporate Welfare
  138. 45% Of Doctors Would Consider Quitting If Congress Passes Health Care Overhaul
  139. Harkin: `Silent majority' back health care reform
  140. Glenn Beck & Fox - Working for America !
  141. Billionaires for Wealthcare
  142. Get Your Impeach Obama Gear Here
  143. Where they lost antiquities or stolen for our museums?
  144. Why don't we see some of the 47,000,000 protesting for healthcare???
  145. Dems unhappy with proposed tax in health care bill
  146. Job-killing policies could doom Democrat hopes
  147. Botox Queen Sheds Crocodile Tears
  148. Tire tariffs show another cost of cap and trade: Free trade
  149. Medicare; USA's Golden Standared of Public Health Care
  150. Liberal Traffic on This Site Will Be Slow This Weekend
  151. Joe "YOU LIE" Wilson was RIGHT ON THE MONEY !!!
  152. Incomes of young in 8-year nose dive
  153. Bill O'Reilly endorses backs Gov't subsidized "public option"
  154. Lastest Rasmussen Poll - Health Care Disapproval 56% - A NEW LOW!!!
  155. Damn, that's gotta leave one hell of a carbon footprint...
  156. Healthcare reform on 3 yard line and picking up steam
  157. Another Obama Special
  158. 42 states lose jobs in August, up from 29 in July
  159. Firm cancels health insurance coverage for girl, 17, after celiac disease diagnosis
  160. You Lie Fox
  161. Senate votes 83-7 to defund ACORN HUD grants.
  162. House vote 347-75 to stop all federal funding of ACORN
  163. A Tackle Box Full of Race Bait
  164. They turned from Terry Schiavo to teabaggers
  165. IAEA secret report: Iran worked on nuclear warhead
  166. Limbaugh: We need segregated buses
  167. Philly Acorn Office had to Call Police on Fauxy Film Fraudsters
  168. New Rule: You Can't Complain About Health Care Reform If You're Not Willing to Reform
  169. Are you a racist?
  170. A busy week for Obama on the world stage
  171. Rivoli Revue.....Universal Healthcare is a Big Fat No!
  172. Russia says it won't deploy missiles near Poland
  173. My Wife Is Now US Citizen
  174. Obama: Health insurance mandate no tax increase
  175. Blackwater Employees CONVICTED of GUN-RUNNING in Iraq
  176. Latest Fox News Poll Has Congress Approval Rating at 27%
  177. Obama Needs a Few Good Men Libruls....
  178. Insurance Mobsters Caught Mailing Healthcare Deceptions to Seniors
  179. FOX News Producer Caught Creating News Rather Than Reporting News.
  180. public school vs public heatlh
  181. For those receiving socialized care that are against socialized care
  182. Economy looking better
  183. Second week of school - and swine flu hits
  184. How will Obama fight "The Right War" (to paraphrase his campaign rhetoric)
  185. Justice Department Inspector General Launches Internal ACORN Probe
  186. Glenn Beck: Obama Better For Country Than McCain Would Have Been :)
  187. Glenn Beck is a tool.....of the Republican party!
  188. Next Obama Admin Scandal - Buffy Wicks
  189. Video-ed Acorn Employee Contacted Police on Possible Human Trafficking
  190. Why Is It During His Campaign, Obama Was Saying
  191. Can Obama Go A Whole Day Without Telling America He's Black?
  192. You Think His Hood and Sheets are Being Delivered as Quickly as Possible?
  193. Healthcare bill jammed down our throats
  194. Healthcare reform going to pass "with or without" the far right
  195. BClinton believes some harshest criticism against HC is racially prejudiced
  196. Board's Getting Weak
  197. Republicans blow
  198. Obama = success
  199. Cheney the coward
  200. On The View, Goldberg calls Beck "lying sack of dog mess"
  201. Barney Frank is going to fuck us again!
  202. Hugh Hewitt: Obamacare is to Medicare what ACORN is to Children's Protective Services
  203. Walpin scandal update: Grassley blocks nomination, accuses administration of stonewal
  204. Obama energy secretary to Americans: Stop acting like teenagers!
  205. Here's your 'demonstration project,' Mr. President -- it's called Mississippi
  206. Liberals are becoming violent.
  207. So for those complaining about the race card?
  208. If you can't laugh at a politician....then you are one! LOL!
  209. I Agree With Ralph Naders' Assessment on Obama
  210. Palin's Asian Speech To Global Investors...NO PRESS ALOUD!!
  211. I Missed Obama's Speech to the UN Today...
  212. Our new police state government is issuing gag orders
  213. Obama On The Golf Course Again???
  214. Obama's "Safe Schools Czar" is a Fucking Scumbag....
  215. When Will George Stupinopolous Formally Ask Obama for His Hand in Marriage....
  216. Justice Dept. IG having review of ACORN funding
  217. Did California police use a Taser on an unarmed, legless man in a wheelchair?
  218. Fidel Castro - IN STEP with America's Liberals!!!
  219. The Story of Stuff- for all you anti Capitalism folks
  220. Census Worker Found Hanged in Ky.
  221. Ahmadinejad Assails West for 'Despicable Forms of Intimidation'
  222. School kids taught to praise Obama
  223. Liberal jokes
  224. Al Franken Reads the 4th Amendment to Justice Department Official
  225. ACORN, CCI and ALL affiliates Subpoenaed for organizational charts and financial docs
  226. IRS Severs Ties With ACORN
  227. Mr. President, if you going to tell the world not to stand up there and point fingers
  228. White Supremacist Groups Call for Protests in Bus Attack
  229. Kennedy replacement named
  230. Hes gonna git me gunzzzz!!!!
  231. Libertarians amuze us, where do they live?
  232. New To America People Killing Horses In The Night For Meat
  233. What should we do in Afghanistan
  234. Obama - WInning Over This Like Quaddafi, Ackmadinijad, Fidel Castro - meanwhile...
  235. Student Upset Over Graphic 9/11 Film
  236. I challenge you to take The Libertarian Purity Test
  237. McChrystal on Afghanisvietnam: Violence "Worse" Than Expected
  238. President Obama’s first hundred days
  239. Independents desert Obama, putting 2010 in play
  240. Obama's time warp: The U.S. is still the bad guy
  241. New poll: Democrat lead over GOP is smallest in five years; doubts about Obama contin
  242. Sen. Mitch McConnell: Obama is stifling dissent on health care reform
  243. Ian admits to second secret uranuim enrichment plant
  244. What is the Cost of Doing Nothing on Healthcare?
  245. God, I Miss The Military....
  246. One Heartbeat Away From Being President.....
  247. Nixon - The Nation's FIRST Environmentalist
  248. Obama in Strong Position on Health Care
  249. Your electronic vote in the 2010 election has just been bought
  250. Spanking May Lower Kids' IQs