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  1. ALEC = Obvious and Organized Corruption
  2. POLL: Do you want to return to the Bush years?
  3. Romney's pandering leaves many wondering
  4. Drat That Kenyan Rat---and other tales..
  5. Informing The Jury
  6. Why Is Obama Hurting America?
  7. "I Think Ron Paul Just Won Iowa!" Rachel Maddow April 23, 2012
  8. 'The War on Terror Is Over'
  9. Can Obama Safely Embrace Islamists?
  10. Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke at risk in bribery allegations
  11. Immigration issue off the table
  12. One good thing to take away from the Zimmeran/Martin case
  13. Ron Paul's Predictrions Come True
  14. Full Civic Literacy Exam (from our 2008 survey)
  15. Van der Sloot likely to be extradited to US
  16. Man Beaten By Mob, Arrests Expected Today
  17. Romney and the Dignity of Work
  18. The Shame of Nations: A New Record is Set for Spending on War
  19. Wells Fargo Profiting From For-Profit Prisons
  20. The Globalization of Hollow Politics
  21. "We Don’t Live in a Free Country": Jacob Appelbaum on Being Target of Widespread Gov’
  22. Apple: why doesn't it employ more US workers?
  23. New drug trend: hand sanitizer
  24. A Real Threat to Home Land Security
  25. Experts: Contrary to Mainstream Myth, 'Social Security is Strong' and Could Be Made S
  26. Uh oh Reality Trumps Republicans and racists...again.
  27. Is the press keeping the race close?
  28. Who says liberals don't like being corporatists
  29. Senator Alren Specter on Lack of Moderates, Centrists
  30. Arizona Anti-Illegals Law Heads to SCOTUS Tomorrow
  31. CIA bribed Nazi to form fascist Republican arm.
  32. New Study Confirms Religious People Are Stupid
  33. Why are southern people so racist-answered here
  34. Are liberals so desperate they can only posts propaganda articles?
  35. Charles Darwin's “Origin of Species"
  36. Ron Paul Wins Pennsylvania
  37. Afghan attacks raise specter of Taliban terror
  38. qantara.de
  39. Belfast: 'The barriers are really a manifestation of people's fears'
  40. German state to republish Hitler's 'Mein Kampf'
  41. Noah's Ark
  42. Dad releases audio of teachers allegedly bullying autistic son
  43. Traitors: American Professors Go to Tehran to Help Mad Mullahs
  44. Electoral Reform is Vibrant, Active, Participatory Democracy
  45. Wall Street-Inflated Student Debt Bubble Hits $1 Trillion; Debtors Rally for Relief
  46. Grab Yer Gun, Myrtle: New Pentagon "Spy" Agency Being Created !!!
  47. First Arrest is BP Oil Spill - the spill that is still killing on the ocean floor
  48. Piracy vs Privacy: Obama may 'oppose' CISPA but still sign it like NDAA
  49. True Stories From The Old Testament
  50. Gingrich to drop out of Republican presidential race: reports
  51. Gingrich to exit presidential race next week
  52. We bailed out Wells Fargo, now we’re locked out of jobs
  53. FOX News Admits Ron Paul Is Headed To Tampa Convention!
  54. So Glad the Taxpayers Pay for These Polling Stations
  55. Bill Allows IRS To Revoke Second Amendment Rights By Stealth
  56. Shady Companies With Ties to Israel Wiretap the U.S. for the NSA
  57. Drones, Dogs and the Future of Privacy
  58. Obama’s Crony Capitalism
  59. George Zimmerman Bought Handgun to Defend Against Roaming Pit Bulls
  60. CISPA Amendment Allows DHS to Intercept Tax Returns
  61. Interview with Kelly McMillan: Bank of America Targets US Firearms and 2nd Ammendment
  62. Election Results in Pennsylvania: Two Fewer Blue Dogs
  63. Did Conservative Sting Operatives Target Planned Parenthood—Again?
  64. Ron Paul appears to be winning the Republican nomination for President
  65. Boy Scouts Dismiss Gay Den Mother
  66. Another idiot Floridian with a gun
  67. John Edwards on shakedown street
  68. Millions of tax dollars went to the Chevy Volt. Would you buy? Barrack would!
  69. Do Undocumented Immigrants Pay Taxes?
  70. EXCLUSIVE: BUSTED! Obama in 2006 admits Rev. Wright was a mentor
  71. NYC Subway Crime Skyrockets, Sleeping Riders Targeted For iPhones, iPads ...
  72. Bank of America to gun company: "Find another bank"
  73. Are statistics to be taken as fact?
  74. marine who critized Obama: "I wish I could take it back"
  75. Satan cast into the fiery pit for 1,000 years
  76. Wisconsin veteran ‘pissed off’ that he couldn’t vote with Veteran ID card
  77. ‘Young Turk’ to ‘sexist’ Fox News host: ‘F*ck you!’
  78. Young men in Mexico say the U.S. no longer offers them a better future
  79. GOP lead New Hampshire House approves medical marijuana bill
  80. Israel military chief: Iran not pursuing nuclear weapon
  81. Octomom Investigated- Complaints Her Home Has No Plumbing, 14 Kids Living in Squalor
  82. EPA: "Crucify Oil Companies"
  83. Lib Senator Wants to Save Postal Service With Windmills
  84. Russian Now Claims Iran and N. Korea Possible Nuclear Threats
  85. Thurgood Marshall, an American Hero.
  86. This is what happens to free market capitalism
  87. Santorum, Bachmann Don't Endorse Romney
  88. Student debt getting in the way of the American dream?
  89. Trump said: "I am the evidence"
  90. Debt Collection Agents At Hospitals
  91. Obama Interfering With Farm Kid Chores ??
  92. PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. - The North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S
  93. The Debate on CISPA Live. From OccupyCarlisle
  94. America's Mad Cow Crisis
  95. Latest tax dollar heist allow the corporations to keep income tax deductions
  96. Osama bin laden´s widows deported from Pakistan
  97. Auction 2012: Big Money's Next Trade Goal Is 'NAFTA With Asia'
  98. PRES OBAMA led meeting to deal with Wall Street melt down as Pres Bush gave up
  99. Donations pouring in to Zimmerman defense fund.
  100. Facebook supports spying on users
  101. Spirit Airlines Refuses Refund to Dying Marine Vet
  102. OMG! My 8 year old owns a few hoodies.
  103. Strangers in a Strange Land
  104. Video: New details about George Zimmerman....
  105. America's 10 most polluted cities, 2012
  106. Obama Challenges Az Anti-Immigrant Law While Overseeing Unprecedented Mass Deportatio
  107. Netherlands judge to rule on cafe cannabis ban
  108. Biden; "Bin Laudin is dead and General Motors is alive.
  109. Climate Change, Global Warming, or Weather Warfare?
  110. Vacation backlash: Blue collar Dems jealous, angry at Obamas
  111. Prison Industries: "Don't Let Society Improve or We Lose Business"
  112. Mitt Romney Versus Reality: Global Edition
  113. North Carolina Amendment One....
  114. What is Romney's plan for the Economy?
  115. "just say no" to Fla.'s Gov. Scott drug tests
  116. Congressional Battle tightens
  117. More on Zimmerman
  118. Insanity: CISPA Just Got Way Worse, And Then Passed
  119. Prosecutor in Martin case trying to soak Zimmerman & his family for more $$$
  120. GUNS (CCW) saves lives AGAIN! - UTAH
  121. U.S. ban sought on cell phone use while driving
  122. Obamascam: Campaigning on taxpayer dollars
  123. Sign the Petition
  124. Denmark Arrests 3 on Possible Terror Plot Charges
  125. 21 or More Injured in Ukranian Blasts
  126. Philippines-China Standoff Could Lead to Open Conflict
  127. Snooki Feels More Responsible Now
  128. Why Republicans Want Us Stupid
  129. If Romney Hates Government And Its Workers So Much Why Is He Running For President?
  130. War Profiteers Make Millions At the Expense of the Public
  131. Washington Survivalist Holed Up in Bunker
  132. Dan Savage discusses bible at High School Journalism convention
  133. Huge Bomb Disarmed in N. Ireland
  134. One Step Closer To Disclosure For Kochs, Rove, Chamber
  135. CISPA & The MACHINE
  136. America's racist "injustice" system at work AGAIN!!!
  137. The GOP is against jobs, new industry, stomp on women’s rights & are gutting medicare
  138. Ron Paul Wins Louisiana Caucus
  139. Boehner: Obama ‘diminishing the presidency’ with student loan fight
  140. San Francisco Democratic Party tells Obama to end crackdown on medical marijuana
  141. Fugitive Chinese activist ‘under U.S. protection’
  142. Let’s just say it: The Republicans are the problem.
  143. Senate Study Proves Republicans Wrong on Torture
  144. Free After 25 Years: A Tale Of Murder And Injustice
  145. Don't Let Corporations Hide Their Political Spending - Petition
  146. Unstable ground: The fine line between self-defense and murder
  147. Why do liberals lie?
  148. Let's just say it: The Democrats are the problem
  149. Ron Paul - Sweeping in Massachusetts
  150. Kidnapped British Red Cross Dr. Beheaded in Pakistan
  151. Raise Taxes On The Poor - Eric Cantor
  152. Fox News Fraud on Voter Fraud, Voter ID? (feat HowTheWorldWorks)
  153. Voting Rights Uprising: Activists in Three States Help GOP's Targets Get Voter ID
  154. Romney’s slogan is Obama ‘didn’t clean up our mess fast enough’
  155. Guernica: 75th Anniversary – Back When Bombing Civilians was an Atrocity
  156. 15 funniest jokes by Barack Obama at the White House Correspondents' Dinner
  157. The March Of Christian Dominionism 1: What Is Christian Dominionism?
  158. Obama has held more re-election fundraisers than previous five Presidents combined
  159. Gov. Jerry Brown: Republican Party like a cult
  160. Sen. Franken praises Labor Department for withdrawing new child labor rules
  161. GOP strategist: Women don’t make less money than men
  162. ‘La Bamba’ actor expects Romney ‘in a photo op outside a taco stand’
  163. What is immigration "reform"......???
  164. Ron Paul Victory in Alaska!
  165. Ron Paul backers prepare takeover in Nevada
  166. Atheists Vs Muslims-Global Atheist Convention 2012
  167. Private Prison Corporations Are Modern Day Slave Traders
  168. Obama's newest slogan
  169. The Jump Out Boys - Thugs with Badges
  170. U.S. officials: Drone strikes will go on in Pakistan
  171. Unstable ground: The fine line between self-defense and murder
  172. Why is marijuana a gateway drug, but not alcohol??
  173. Which parties are working for the 99% aka majority of voters? What you say?
  174. Liberalstan aka Calif- fines for texting while riding bike..
  175. I witnessed 4 teenagers sporting hoodies-a would-be heroes lament.
  176. Leave it to beaver
  177. which state has the longest consecutive voting pattern for Democratic POTUS?
  178. Would a PreZ Mitt legalize millions of illegals like the demi-GOD Reagan did???
  179. Another manifestation of the religion illness.
  180. Five Tax Fallacies Invented by the One Percent. They Are Entirely False.
  181. Montreal Student Protests Warning from US Embassy
  182. Why Low Minimum Wages Kill Jobs and Crush Living Standards for Everyone
  183. Romney says he would have won the batting title last year if he played pro-baseball
  184. Clean Energy Solyndra leaves toxic waste behind!
  185. The Implosion of Capitalism
  186. Is it me or it is humid in here?
  187. Ahead of May Day, David Harvey Details Urban Uprisings...
  188. Welcome to the Asylum
  189. MayDay protests expected to draw thousands to the streets
  190. Al Qaeda : Not Your Ordinary Porn Tapes !
  191. Seals slam obama for taking credit for killing binladen during an election campaign
  192. Arianna Huffington calls Obama Ad on Bin Laden 'Despicable'
  193. Austerity promises fail as UK hits double dip recession
  194. Osama Bin Laden brought to justice 1 year ago - How Can We Bitch About Obama For It?
  195. Why do men brag about bigger penises, but deny bigger paychecks???
  196. If it wasn't for the Wright brothers we wouldn't have the internet
  197. former head of CIA clandestine OPs/lead interrogator-admin-kill/take no prisoners
  198. Ex-Israeli Spy Chief: Iran Threats Driven by "Messianic" Israeli Leadership
  199. Probe: No Intelligence Gains Through Torture Techniques
  200. Separating Fact from Fiction on Social Security
  201. Accountability in the Obama Administration
  202. Cosby .. Tell Me About The Bill Of Rights.
  203. Fear of Body Bombs on Bin Laden Anniversary
  204. Al Qaeda Names New Leader for Pakistan
  205. Donate to Barack Obama reelection
  206. Obama Breaks Up Another Terror Plot
  207. Lovitz: Obama is a fucking asshole!
  208. Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman on Bloomberg TV
  209. New Obama Slogan Has Long Ties to Marxism, Socialism
  210. Audit The Fed: HR 459 - 224 Co-sponsors
  211. Business Insider - Ron Paul Destroyed Mitt Romney
  212. C.F.R. Beyond bin Laden - it more difficult to cooperate on Afghan border issues
  213. Ohio Bridge Bombing Plot Foiled
  214. Math puzzler-subcategory: integers
  215. The 'Sweet Justess fo Traythug' Files: 100 black teens beat white couple in Norfolk.
  216. Veepstakes - Chris Christie: "Romney might be able to convince me"...
  217. Murdoch found unfit by british govt. to run a news corporation
  218. Why the NY Times’s Paul Krugman is Clueless About the European Economic Crisis
  219. May Day OWS Fleabagger Fizzle
  220. Democrats and Republicans traded uniforms in 1968
  221. U.S/ AfPak beyond 2014
  222. Fracking violations
  223. Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago?
  224. A thank you to neocon evangelicals for their stand against homosexuality
  225. RFK Assassination Witness Nina Rhodes-Hughes Says Sirhan Sirhan Didn't Act Alone
  226. Tax Me, for F@%&’s Sake!
  227. Man-Films-Himself-Firing-A-Shotgun-Into-Neighbors-Yard-Sign-Against-Gay-Amendment
  228. Fox News guest: ‘Illegals’ can go home if they don’t like the slur
  229. THREE Charts For May Day
  230. May Day means remergence of OWS
  231. Ron Paul WINNING State Delegate Majorities/Massive Turnout at Rallies
  232. U.S., Japan still mulling regional trade pact: Obama
  233. Big Tuesday For Ron Paul
  234. We Need a New National Anthem....
  235. .."The REAL problem w/ America-- culturally-enslaved-white-intolerance
  236. Punch the gay away?
  237. 97% Owned - Monetary Reform documentary
  238. Leaked Documents Show How Corporations Have Veto Power
  239. It's official: Auto industry firing on all cylinders
  241. Tell Pres Obama - Don't give Wall Street crooks a get out of jail free card = Sign on
  242. Republicans neither support the troops,veterans nor the VA
  243. The NEW GOP does have a consistent pattern
  244. Pres Obama and Democrats: We don't expect jobs from repubs ...what about the Dems
  245. Hours After President Obama Leaves, Explosions Rattle Kabul
  246. China is demanding an apology from the U.S. for allowing Chen to enter the embassy
  247. Furture so bright, gotta wear shades.
  248. What % of DCJ copy/pastes does this apply to?
  249. Mitt Romney vs. Ron Paul
  250. New Jersey tanning ‘addict’ accused of putting 6-year-old in tanning bed